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BROOKLYN: Official HD Trailer

Eilis is an Irish girl who leaves behind her beloved family to have a better life in the United States of America. Upon her arrival in Brooklyn, her dreams start coming true. With the help of a priest, she enters evening school to study bookkeeping, but during the day works in a shop to make ends meet. She even meets a young man named Tony, whose family in spite hating the Irish people, accept her. But one day, tragedy occurs in Eilis’ family in Ireland that will compel her to go back to her homeland. But by the time she arrives there, she realizes the country she left is no longer the same. The door of opportunities will open for her, even a young wealthy man is willing to open up his heart for her… it’s just up to her to decide, to stay or to leave and go back to Brooklyn which gave her more than she could have anticipated….

opens November 20 in Toronto and Vancouver!

The film opens December 11 in Halifax, Ottawa,
Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Victoria,
December 18 in Montreal, with other dates to follow.


2 Comments on BROOKLYN: Official HD Trailer

  1. Liz Ferguson // November 3, 2015 at 4:00 am // Reply

    Many scenes in that film were shot in Montreal; I recognized some of the locations in that trailer, even though they flashed by quite quickly.

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