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Film Review: “The Hateful Eight” (2015) ★★★★★



Can one film make you feel paralyzed after viewing the opening scene? How is it possible when you simply can’t separate one actor from another in order to decide who is better? Well, when you learn that this film is written and directed by the genius Quentin Tarantino, you already know that, you won’t be astonished by anything. Because this master of film is always, and always at his best when he is behind the camera. The ability he has is simply shocking. Tarantino knows very well how turn everything into gold with one magic touch. This is what exactly happens with The Hateful Eight: it simply had no chance but to be destined for success after having been masterfully orchestrated by the wonderful Tarantino, and brilliantly performed by the entire cast. After all those treats, do we really care that it lasts for almost three hours when we find ourselves wishing that the end would never come?

In the dead and harsh Wyoming winter, a bounty hunter, John Ruth (Kurt Russell) is on a mission to deliver his prisoner, Daisy Domerque (Jennifer Jason Leigh) to Red Oaks for execution. On his way to the city they find shelter in a cabin filled with eccentric characters. Soon the eight men will find themselves warm enough, but betrayed by someone they have no idea. But before they reach to the point to start suspecting one of the cabin-residents in betrayal, they must face the consequences of their action… but the question is, who is going to make out alive from the mess? Well, it’s Tarantino! Expect everything unpredictable full of twists, insanity, and blood which will turn those men from hopeful eight into hateful eight.

The beginning the film is astonishing, a beautiful landscape transports you to the world created by Tarantino from your warm and comfortable seat. Once you find Major Marquis Warren (Samuel L. Jackson) blocking the path of John Ruth, you already know that, the ride you are about to take is not simple. You get a wake up call when Daisy is being punched by John, and that is when you ask yourself: ” how much more can this woman take, finding herself under the heavy arm of Ruth? But once you get to know her better, you will understand that all the punches she received is nothing in comparison to the way she fights back… So be prepared not to feel sorry for her, because this woman knows how to fight back… Believe me, she knows it really well!

It’s fantastic to see how the story develops. Everything goes in the blink of an eye that you are disappointed at the first intermission, as you do not want to let the impression and the feelings you had experienced be interrupted by the 15-minute break. The Hateful Eight has absolutely everything that grabs your attention: great . You name it. But my goodness, Jennifer Jason Leigh! What a marvelous actress! She owns every scene. She takes it and controls the entire film! She is simply outstanding along with Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Tim Roth and great Walton Goggins who was brilliant as Sheriff Chris Mannix. No more words! Go and see it yourself! Enjoy the true masterpiece! Because if this is not, then what is?


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