Canadian Film Festival 2017 Review: “She Came Knocking” (2017) ★★★★

There is no easy way to begin reviewing John Ainslie’s short film She Came Knocking, as within a short amount of time it touches upon three significant subject matters: abuse, to be or not to be a bystander witness and how police responds to that matter.

Laura, played by Kimberly-Sue Murray, who also co-penned a screenplay along with John Ainslie, is an Uber driver (no initial indication of that though, only an assumption made by me) outside of a house waiting patiently, in the beginning though, for a customer who called for a ride. When she sees no one coming out of the house, she decides to knock the door. But when the door opens, she finds an angry and aggressive man who changes the tone of his voice when he learns about her reasons.

Then, he asks the woman inside of the house, his wife, chanting and yelling at her to see if she was the one who called for a ride. When Laura hears a negative answer and returns to her car with no passenger, she, as a good and caring citizen calls the police to report the incident she believed was abuse. But the police asks her to call back when she witnesses one rather than accusing, as they cannot take action based on someone’s call. Well, as you know, police is not always right with their hasty decisions, and Laura knew that… But what she will do to interfere and help out the woman is something not everyone would be willing to commit.…

She Came Knocking takes an interesting turn as the story unfolds. It is relieving to know that at least something like this could have been written and adapted onto the big screen. The importance of it, as I have mentioned above, is how far a citizen can go to stop family abuse, even though you are not the victim. It also briefly shows the indifference of a police officer who expects something more than just an accusation… Well, by watching the end of She Came Knocking, you could tell that the police officer was wrong by ignoring the complaint, but without those mistakes there would be no such movie like this.

In the end, She Came Knocking is a movie that should be seen by every police officer you know. It is admiring, and in some way a thought provoking piece that I am sure we all must discuss at any level possible. To conclude that, to spend twelve minutes of your time to see John Ainslie’s movie can be rewarding… and it will… just give a look, give a try and learn that some crimes can be prevented; a plea for help can be heard. It is just a matter of will you or me be at the right place and right time to knock at someone’s door for whom it is like a dream come true.


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