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Film Review: “Luba” (2018) ★★



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Luba (Nicole Maroon) is a single mother who raises her son alone. Not having much money and juggling between millions of tasks at the same time, she still cannot make enough to provide for her son and constantly has to go through a financial crisis. Her ex-husband is not much of a help. In fact, his uncontrollable behavior goes beyond any manageable limits, forcing Luba to make a sharp move to prevent a possible tragedy from happening.

The opening scene of “Luba” already gives a hint and prepared the viewer for the upcoming drama. We see her run through the park wearing a red coat, in search of something or someone. The truth will be revealed to us only at the end of the film. Right after that, we are taken to the next scene, where she is again in a rush, but this time, in a different outfit, as she is being late to pick up her son from school.

As we see her struggling to find a balance between her job and single parenting, the film reveals more and more facts that give us insight to Luba’s life. Her ex-husband Donnie (Vladimir Jon Cubrt), also the scriptwriter of the film) is a drug addict. Even though he is trying to recover from this dangerous addiction. But those efforts are not enough to redeem himself. he barely provides any support to his ex-wife and his son. In fact, Donnie cannot be trusted in anything as he continues secretly using drugs. That slowly affects his sanity. There is only one thing we can be sure about him – he does love his son.

In conclusion, there are several elements in this film that do not add much to the story. Perhaps, it is because of the directing or the lack of the emotional impact which is absolutely necessary to keep the viewer engaged and interested throughout the film. Despite the fact that some elements are missing to help build up a decent drama, “Luba” still has something to offer. This is a much lighter version of what it could have been turned into.

Overall, it is a compelling story about two adults that try to find their way to survive in this ugly world. Whether or not they will succeed in that – well, I already know since I have watched the film. Now, I hope you will also take a turn to find that out. And there is no need to worry about me writing a negative review. I am sure many will disagree with my opinion and form their own opinion – which will be more pleasant than mine.

The film is screening at the Canadian Film Fest this Saturday, March 24 at 5:30pm. 

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