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Sundance 2020 Review: “Meats” (2020) ★★★


It must be hard for vegans to think about eating chicken, lamb, or any other meat, not to mention witnessing the parts of killed animals in stores to be sold to people. But when that person is a pregnant woman, it gets tougher to realize that the animal killed is someone’s child, parent, or say, a relative. It may sound funny but it is what you gather from Ashley Williams’ quite extravagant “Meats” which, on top of everything, is full of humor.

Lane, portrayed by Ashley Williams, who wrote and directed the short, follows a woman who struggles with her desire to eat meat while she is pregnant. In order to understand how to mercifully break down a lamb and use every part of it, she goes deep into a painful discussion with a hired whole-animal butcher named Chris (played by real-life master butcher Giancarlo Sbarbaro), the film explores the inner pain of a vegan who has a completely different picture of why meat cannot be eaten while fighting with the desire to eat it.

Lane reveals that she’s been vegan since ninth grade and is too obnoxious about it. She simply can’t let the thought slip in her mind that she can eat a dead animal while its eyes are looking at her as she chews, for instance, its leg. Whether that animal is a pig or a cow or a turkey, the woman allows herself to discuss the matter with a man while she finds her new self in the process.

That said, “Meats” is a perfectly shot short-film with impressive performances delivered by Ashley Williams as Lane and Giancarlo Sharbaco as Chris, who, apart from being a whole-animal butcher can easily be a psychologist. It’s filled with subtle humor and is yet poignant and moving. As we watch a pregnant woman valuing the life she carries under her heart and the one she might take away in the form of meat, the combination of two in one is what will mesmerize you the most. That alone is what makes “Meats” a desirable film to be seen by both vegans and non-vegan viewers to learn more about human kindness and compassion through Lane’s experience.

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