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Oscar results vs. Predictions


Oscar results vs. Predictions

With the Joker movie landing a total of 11 nominations in the 92nd annual academic awards, this year’s Oscars were set to be decisive. From big musical moments to poignant acceptance speeches and hilarious comedy moments, the Oscars were a night full of water-cool moments and exciting times to remember. Below is a comparison between what fans expected and what transpired throughout the night in this year’s academic awards.

Best Cinematography

As many experts predicted, the Oscars 2020 betting offers for the best cinematography paid off for those who wagered in 1917. According to industry experts, the movie scenes are edited to look like a series packed with long takes and moving the characters from one place to another.

While a significant amount of people thought “The Lighthouse” would win the award for the best cinematography, Rodger Deakins managed to defy all odds to win the title. 1917 is a uniquely distinctive and magical looking film, bringing innovative moments that deserve the top awards in 2020’s Academy awards.

Best Picture

When it comes to the Oscars academy awards, people are always curious about who will win the best picture award. This year, the top five films poised to win this award were Jojo Rabbit, Once Upon a time in Hollywood, Joker, Parasite, and 1917.

Contrary to what many fans expected, “Parasite” took the 2020 Oscars’awards for the best picture, making Boon Joon Ho and Kwan Sin Ae legendary names in the movie-making industry. The win surprised many in the industry, as not many fans expected Joon ho’s film to take the award.

Best Documentary

Before the 2020 Oscar’s awards, the American factory was ranking as the best documentary movie ahead of Honeyland and For Sama. Fortunately, it managed to emerge as the best documentary feature film among the top five films nominated.

While the Macedonia international feature film, “Honeyland” put up an intense fight for the top position, “American Factory” managed to secure the spot. The Obama-backed film managed to secure the first Oscar awards for the company for its moving story on the human consequences on the wrenching economic change.

Best Original Screenplay

Since the best screenplay category launch in 2010, this award has always been won by writers with a wide range of genre dramas like “Midnight in Paris” or “Birdman.” Nonetheless, every nominee in this category needs tremendous academy support to claim the title.

In 2020, the “Parasite” managed to win the best original screenplay title, despite racing against world-class titles like 1917, Marriage Story, and Knives Out. Some voters viewed this category as a favor to Boon Joon-Ho, though his film proved to be worth the trophy at the end of the day.

Best Actor With the top five nominees for this category, including Adam Driver, Christian Bale, Antonio Banderas, and Taron Egerton, not many believed Joaquin Phoenix would win the Best Actor category in the Oscars’s. Nonetheless, Phoenix was the bookie’s favorite for the category. Fortunately, Phoenix managed to claim the title academy award for his impressive contribution in the “Joker” film, a movie that managed to claim over ten academy nominations.

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