Theseus is a mortal man chosen by Zeus to lead the fight against the ruthless King Hyperion, who is on a rampage across Greece to obtain a weapon that can destroy humanity.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Theseus: Henry Cavill
  • King Hyperion: Mickey Rourke
  • Stavros: Stephen Dorff
  • Phaedra: Freida Pinto
  • Zeus: Luke Evans
  • Old Zeus: John Hurt
  • Lysander: Joseph Morgan
  • Athena: Isabel Lucas
  • Poseidon: Kellan Lutz
  • Ares: Daniel Sharman
  • Helios: Peter Stebbings
  • Cassander: Stephen McHattie
  • The Monk: Greg Bryk
  • Dareios: Alan van Sprang
  • Aethra: Anne Day-Jones
  • Heracles: Steve Byers
  • Mondragon (King’s Guard): Matthew G. Taylor
  • Icarus: Romano Orzari
  • Apollo: Corey Sevier
  • Jailer: Conrad Pla
  • Beast Master: Neil Napier
  • Hoplite Captain: Tyrone Benskin
  • Kerkyon (Guard): Abdul Ayoola
  • Stephanos: Dylan Smith
  • Young Theseus: Robert Naylor
  • High Priestess #2: Mercedes Leggett
  • High Prestess #3: Kaniehtiio Horn
  • High Priestess #4: Ayisha Issa
  • Heraklion Watchman / Hoplite Soldier #1: Jason Cavalier
  • Archon: Danny Blanco Hall
  • Minotaur: Robert Maillet
  • Checkpoint Gatekeeper: Alain Chanoine
  • Checkpoint Soldier: Edward Yankie
  • Acamus: Gage Munroe
  • Village Father: Marcello Bezina
  • Young Lysander: Aron Tomori
  • Hoplite General: Roc LaFortune
  • Young Virgin #1: Jade Larocque
  • Young Virgin #2: Charlie Duret
  • Young Phaedra: Alisha Nagarsheth
  • Young Priestess #2: Makayla Jade McManus-Leggett
  • Young Priestess #3: Madison McAleer
  • Young Priestess #4: Zelia Mouana-Bankouezi
  • Little Boy: André Kasper
  • Slave: Tyler Hynes
  • Holy Man: Carlo Mestroni
  • Lysander’s Mother: Chantal Simard
  • Hoplite Sentry: Brent Skagford
  • Hoplite Soldier #2: Kevin Kelsall
  • Hoplite Soldier #3: Patrick Sabongui
  • Heraklion: Samuel Platel
  • Villager #1: Lise Sita
  • Villager #2: Francis Lafrenière
  • Village Child #1: Shyrelle Yates
  • Village Child #3: Austin Beauchamp
  • Village Child #2: John Churchill
  • Soldier: Jimmy Duperval
  • The New Priest (uncredited): Mark Margolis
  • Heraklion (uncredited): Tamas Menyhart
  • Captain of the Archers (uncredited): James A. Woods

Film Crew:

  • Casting: Joseph Middleton
  • Producer: Gianni Nunnari
  • Casting: Andrea Kenyon
  • Editor: David Rosenbloom
  • Music Supervisor: Happy Walters
  • Editor: Stuart Levy
  • Producer: Mark Canton
  • Line Producer: Jeff G. Waxman
  • Cinematography: Brendan Galvin
  • Producer: Ryan Kavanaugh
  • Executive Producer: Tucker Tooley
  • Production Design: Tom Foden
  • Director: Tarsem Singh
  • Original Music Composer: Trevor Morris
  • Executive Producer: Robbie Brenner
  • Producer: Ken Halsband
  • Producer: Nico Soultanakis
  • Producer: Jamie Marshall
  • Screenplay: Charley Parlapanides
  • Screenplay: Vlas Parlapanides
  • Executive Producer: Jason Felts
  • Costume Design: Eiko Ishioka
  • Executive Producer: Tommy Turtle
  • Executive Producer: Craig J. Flores
  • Producer: David Hopwood
  • Line Producer: Tony Grazia
  • Editor: Wyatt Jones
  • Color Designer: Lionel Kopp
  • Casting: Randi Wells
  • Visual Effects: Hugo Dominguez
  • Lighting Technician: Howard R. Campbell
  • Visual Effects Producer: Jack Geist
  • Music Supervisor: Bob Bowen
  • Visual Effects: Q Fortier
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Raymond Gieringer
  • Executive Producer: Rene Rigal

Movie Reviews:

  • Andres Gomez: Total failure of doing a movie with the aesthetics and success of “300”.

    Mediocre story, bad planned action scenes, tons of Fx, poorly developed characters and tons of stereotypes.

  • Gimly: Everyone talks about how _Immortals_ is a _300_ ripoff, and don’t get me wrong, it absolutely is, but I haven’t yet seen anyone talk about how it’s also a bit of a _God of War_ ripoff.

    I’m actually quite fond of historically-set mythology films, but I don’t believe the problem with _Immortals_ isn’t the setting or the genre, it’s the motivation behind its being made the way it was. The _300_ movie exists to be an adaptation of the _300_ comic book, the _Immortals_ movie exists because the _300_ movie made money. (Don’t get me wrong, I know that the real motivation behind both these, and of any other studio film, is money. But someone involved somewhere has to want more from their movie than that. And _Immortals_ doesn’t give me the vibe that anyone did).

    I can handle _Immortals_ doing what _300_ does. Hell, if enough people rip an idea off over a long enough period of time, in movies, we call that a genre. My issue is that it **only** exists to do what _300_ did, yet it does **all** of it so much worse. There are maybe two fights in _Immortals_ that last for longer than 30 seconds, even with all that slow-mo stretching the runtime, and neither are filmed as well as the ones in _300_. It’s nowhere near as fun, it’s not superior in any technical category, it’s harder to tell what the fuck is going on. Even the acting, which is NOT _300’s_ strong suit, is worse here than it is there. There were maybe flashes where you could glimpse a cohesive idea that desired to form, but it never even got close.

    _Final rating:★★ – Had some things that appeal to me, but a poor finished product._

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