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Director: Henry King

Year Release ;  1955

Cast: Jennifer Jonnes as Dr. Han Suyin and William Holden as Mark Elliott


If you really want to understand  the difference between “Modern Hollywood” and “Old Hollywood, then it is more than enough to see the movie “Love is a Many-Splendored Things” that will be able to answer to all your questions. The movie “Love is many Splendored Things” directed by Henry King (Snows of Killimanjaro) tells the story of two people that falls in love to each other and despite everything have decided to be together. Dr Han Suyin (Jennifer Jones) not that young but very attractive woman, and a widow. Mark Elliot (William Holden), a war correspondent and married man. They met each other in Honk Kong, and since the moment they have met, they knew only one world – The World that they have created for themselves. In spite of everything, Han Suyin and Mark will continue seeing each other and make plans that are not destined to be fulfilled.

Henry King, quite talented director, who brings us over 100 movies. And he’s like no one else knew the way to tell us the love story that will never be forgotten. In addition, Henry King knew that the story he had to convey to the viewer occurred in real life between the British war correspondent and Dr. Sui Wing. But, soon, Mark was killed in the line of duty in Korea.

Despite the fact, that both actors literally hated each other and almost never talked during filming the movie: Jennifer Jones (Beat the Devil, Carrie, Portrait of Jennie) and William Holden (Sunset Blvd, The wild Bunch, Casino Royale) were so remarkable and believable in their role, that sometimes it seemed that the feelings of the characters have long been transported into a real world.

And both actors were able to deliver us the love story that has become one of the most memorable in Cinematography World. Although this story was not the future, and it was very short life, but it was enough time for them to experience for yourself how love is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

And both actors have delivered a remarkable performance of two people and their story about love that has become one of the most memorable in Cinematography World. Even though, they did not have enough time to be together, but that time was enough to realize that true love’s a many splendored thing.

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