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TV Show Review: “Those Who Kill” (2014)


Directed by: David Petrarca, Phil Abraham, Joe Carnahan, Stephen Kay, Sam Miller

Stars: Chloë Sevigny, James D`Arcy, James Morrison, Bruce Davison, Omid Abtahi, Kerry O`Malley, Anne Dudek, Michael Rispoli

If you are into mystery and cops hunting down serial killers with a ton of suspense, then “Those Who Kill” is definitely for you.

Catherine Jensen is a recently promoted homicide detective. She is intelligent, decisive, strong and fearless. No one knows that Catherine is haunted by her brother’s disappearance years ago.   She believes that her stepfather might have had something to do with it.   Thomas Schaeffer is a forensic psychologist, and like Catherine, is obsessed with the motive behind serial killers and tracks them down along with her.

“Those Who Kill” originally premiered on A&E on March 3rd, 2014, and was cancelled right after the second episode due to low ratings. I see no reason why it should not have been. The show was aired on A&E American Cable Television Network, and to be honest, I don`t have this tv channel.   I watch “Those Who Kill” only On Demand. But, here is the question- how many people are actually sitting in front of their televisions watching this show while other popular shows like “The Blacklist” and “24 – Live Another Day” are airing at the same time? For example, if “Who Those Kill” and “The Blacklist” were to air at the same time, I would definitely pick “The Blacklist” and skip “Those Who Kill”.  I started watching James Spader`s show last year, and I would rather watch a new episode of “The Blacklist” than a new series of a show I might not like at all.

I was quite surprised to hear that after the second episode “Those Who kill” was taken off the air. I was also surprised to hear that this show was given a second chance and re-launched on its  sister network, the LifeTime Movie Network, on March 30. This was the reason I started watching “Those Who Kill”. If a new tv series is cancelled and re-launched on a different network, it usually means that the show has potential.   I am happy that Lifetime Movie Network was much smarter than A&E and gave this extremely suspenseful show another chance.

We have a bunch of tv shows about serial killers, and one of them is “Following” which I stopped watching altogether. There are many shows, such as these, that are not really worth watching. Unexpectedly, “Those Who Kill” caught my attention. After reading the description of the show, I thought that this was going to be another crime drama series that was not particularly gripping or interesting. After watching three episodes, I have to admit, the acting, writing, and atmosphere of “Those Who Kill” is incredible and surely deserves our attention. Chloë Sevigny, as a homicide detective with a troubled past, is great. Her character is determined, intelligent, and has a specific way of investigating the crime scene. Her vision of seeing the crime scene is absolutely extraordinary, and with the help of doctor Thomas Schaeffer (James D`Arcy) their investigations not only go faster, but are more interesting and keep us on the edge of our seats wondering what`s going to happen next.

If you are into mystery and cops hunting down serial killers with a ton of suspense, then “Those Who Kill” is definitely for you. I have very high hopes for this show and that is the reason I`ll keep watching it.  I want to contribute as much as possible in keeping this show on the air.

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