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Film Review: “Revenge of the Green Dragons” (2014)


Revenge of the Green Dragons tells the story of two friends who find themselves in an unfortunate reality, where they must join a very dangerous local gang, called ‘Green Dragon’ to survive. Once they enter into this endless life of brutality, murderers and drugs, they face the harshest part of this life– a life they never dreamt of. By the time they realize that they have gotten themselves into big trouble, they must continue and keep fighting for their lives-  lives they never signed up for.

Sonny and Steven are best friends. They lived and grew up together on Quinns’ streets, where they had to deal with the local Chinese mafia. One day, Paul Wong, a dangerous leader of the Green Dragons finds a little boy, Sonny, who was beaten up by his followers. Finding him bleeding, he sees potential in his eyes, so he releases him and makes him an offer to join their team. Sonny understands that this is the only way to rule on the streets and to somehow make his life meaningful. What he sees later is far beyond his imagination, but he can`t battle against it; he must support and follow the orders of his master…

Seeing how Sonny and Steve struggle for their lives, the audience feels a bit of empathy for them, but only a little. As the film progresses, we know better how Sonny ended up in the United States. We understand better how Sonny, Steven and many other immigrants struggle, living in a dangerous part of Chinatown, where they have to deal with the local mafia, one which is called the White Tigers. The life of the two friends rapidly changes when the White Tigers attack the Green Dragons, who declare war and build a plan for revenge.

Revenge of the Green Dragons, directed by Andrew Lau and Andrew Loo, and from the executive producer Martin Scorsese, unfolds a true story of how human trafficking was one of the most successful businesses in the 1980’s, and one woman, named Snake Head, is behind it all. She creates an empire, where she, without hesitation, will send her men to kill anyone who decides to cross her path. The saddest part of this story is that this woman calls herself an example of the true American Dream; who arrives in America to become more than a servant- someone important, someone people will listen to.

This film is very interesting and entertaining despite the violent scenes that some viewers might find to be way too much. There is one thing we must certainly never forget – when it comes to storytelling, and especially stories that change a country`s history – it is better to tell it the way it was, without hiding, covering or even worse, glorifying, the truth. Revenge of the Green Dragon is worth seeing once, as a good crime drama, where there is only one winner –the one who chooses the right dream to pursue.

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