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Documentary Review: “The Salt of the Earth” ★★★★★


Photography is a genre which speaks through its images; Images that have no eyes, no senses, or body – but only captures moments of silence, destruction, chaos, human brutality, disrespect, or, the beauty of nature; how we as human beings are either preserving our world, or taking it down to the end. The Salt of the Earth is a breathtaking, visually stunning documentary film based on the photography of Sebastião Salgado, who has travelled to over 100 countries and has taken pictures  in the most dangerous places of the world He captures not only difficult human conditions, but also shows us how beautiful our planet really is.

The Academy Award nominee documentary film begins with Sebastiao Salgado who introduces us to the story of his life and how he ended up being a photojournalist. We learn a fascinating story of how he and his wife, Lélia Wanick Salgado, moved to Paris, and after lived in London to pursue his desire of becoming an economist. Everything changes the moment Lélia Wanick Salgado purchases a photo camera for Salgado. Soon after, he takes a long journey to capture everything he sees on film, and begins pursuing another goal – capturing the world on his camera.

From the moment the documentary film begins you will find yourself hypnotized by the beauty and realistic photography of Salgado, which will change you and your mind forever. It`s a very educational and important documentary film that should be seen by everyone who cares about other parts of the world, where life may not be as beautiful or as delightful as your own. The most heartbreaking part of this film is when Salgado shares his painful memories from his trip to Rwanda, Niger, or to Europe, where to massacre or kill is as normal as having a cup of coffee in the morning.

He also shares how he witnessed impossible human conditions; or how in certain parts of the world being dead or alive makes no difference for those who are faced with this every single day. This documentary film manages to deliver all the possible emotions we could experience within a ten to thirty day timespan. It`s so absolutely powerful, spectacular and tremendous in its own unique way. After seeing Salgado’s photography and the story he shares with us, you find yourself thinking that the food you cook would not be as tasty without salt.  This is how it would be to see images of the Earth without Salgado`s eyes and his magic touch.

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opens April 10 in Toronto and Vancouver!

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