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Hot Docs 2015: Fractured Land (2015) ★★★★


A documentary is always about story telling.  It is always about bringing up certain issues, or to talk about certain people who have made a difference, not only in their own community, but for the entire city.  Is it possible that a man who was born fractured, to find a way to cure himself, and strive to do the same for his community? The documentary Fractured Land follows Caleb for four years to capture all his movements, starting with law school until the moment, he becomes a proud British Columbian who represents the First Nation anywhere it is possible; at assemblies and conferences, to make their voices heard.

Fractured Land opens with Caleb, who talks about the injury he had when he was a child. This strong, smart, and well-educated man was born practically fractured. The X-Rays shown are shocking. He had spent years in surgery, in pain, with his face cut, his lips sewn together, and with metal plates pinned to his skull. This is presented to us, not to gain sympathy for Caleb, but rather to realize the tremendous work he did and what he accomplished to get where is he right now, all in spite of his health problems. Caleb, as he grows, quickly realizes that if he wants to change something, he needs to become part of it.  We see Caleb, throughout the film, as he talks in courtrooms and at speaker’s podiums; where he talks about the importance of his fight to stop the taking trillions of litters of water that is pumped into the rivers, polluting them, where it is then pumped underground to frack for shale gas.

It is truly inspiring to see how one man gains the education required to make him valuable to his community.  Fractured Land shows how Caleb is trying to protect his land from industrial development, which makes him one of the most important individuals in British Columbia; a person that can change things for good. Damien Gillis and Fiona Rayher well-crafted their mission, organizing it in a way that once the viewer is immersed in the world of Caleb Behn,  they will understand and support his ideas and feel his determination throughout the film. And in the end I am thankful to a little man who grew bigger in this world because of his beliefs, ideology, and his dream to make at least the part of the world where he lives a better place for his people.

TIFF Bell Lightbox 2 Tue, Apr 28 9:00 PM 
Scotiabank Theatre 8 Thu, Apr 30 2:30 PM 
Scotiabank Theatre 8 Sat, May 2 4:00 PM


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