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Film Review: “Maggie” (2015)


Whenever we hear about an upcoming zombie film, we prepare ourselves to stare at zombies, who are trying to kill human beings, while a handful of people, full of anger and desperation, hunt them down. One thing we never see in such films is the side that shows compassion, love, and protective feelings, with a delicate approach to be as kind as possible in a very difficult situation. The biggest surprise comes from this directorial featured film, by Henry Hobson, whose MAGGIE, with Arnold Schwarzenneger and Abigail Breslin, will change our view of zombie films. We will see nothing more and nothing less than the human side, without violence, blood and unnecessary killing…

Maggie, (Abigail Breslin) becomes infected by an outbreak of a disease that slowly turns her into a cannibalistic zombie. While this is happening, she has someone who will always be by her side; someone who never gives up on her and tries to protect her from those who want to take her to the quarantine zone – and this is her father, Wade (Arnold Schwarzenegger). And one day, when the right moment comes along, Wade must decide his daughter`s fate – to let her go, or end it peacefully, without pain…

When MAGGIE begins, it shows no sign of being an emotional, dramatic film about a father-and-daughter relationship, which is very much unexpected. As the film progresses we find out that Maggie has mysteriously disappeared from her Midwest home, and reappears later after her father has spent two weeks trying to find her – but she is infected. The Doctors diagnosis does not seem promising, giving him only a few weeks before his daughter, Maggie, turns into a zombie.

Hobson`s approach to his film is quite surprising, and was totally unexpected. He gives the viewer enough time to fully understand the situation and put themselves into the shoes of Wade, who is understandably trying to help his daughter make it through. Even though there is no sign of a positive outcome, we begin to feel sorry for both heroes, Maggie and her father. It is a very rare and unique film about how both sides: the human side, and the zombie side, can still keep it`s human nature side, and make an effort to protect one another from being hurt.

Arnold Schwarzenegger looks convincing as a single parent, who is not trying to be a hero, and does not chase every single zombie in the film, even though he has his own house to protect. Abigail Breslin, as Maggie, also delivers a solid performance, making us sympathize with her and feel sad about her future. MAGGIE is an impressive film and worth watching if you`re interested in seeing another side of zombie films, where you will watch the slow transformation of a human being into a scary creature, without hating them.

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