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Film Review: “Spy” (2015) ★★★★★


Do you think you have already seen all that is possible and that could be imagined as far as fight scenes in spy films? Or, do you think James Bond and Ethan Hunt are the only, courageous, brave, as well as the smartest agents that you`ve met on the silver screen? No matter which answer you provide, you will never know for sure until you see Paul Feig`s SPY, starring Melissa McCarthy as Susan Cooper, Jude Law as Bradley Fine, Miranda Hart as Nancy B. Artingstall, Jason Statham as Rick Ford, and the most charismatic and absolutely outstanding real-life couple in cinema, Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavalle (who also plays the main villain of the film). And now imagine having such a stellar cast, along with the brilliant mind of Paul Feig, as well as an excellent story and you can expect nothing more from this film than pure perfection, which I must say is the last thing I expected…

Susan Cooper is a brilliant CIA analyst who wastes her talent sitting in a basement, guiding the other agents to locations so they can find their target. This is where we find both Susan and Bradley Fine on a mission, where they hilariously fail right from the beginning. But this is nothing in comparison to what Cooper gets next. When one of the talented agents goes down, Cooper is sent to Paris, and then to Rome, and then to Budapest as an undercover agent to track and report on the movements of Rayna Boyanov and Sergio De Luca. But to save the mission, she, instead, pretends to be a bodyguard for Rayna who was hired by her father.

As the film progresses the viewer doesn’t get a reprieve from all the laughter because of the ridiculously funny lines written by Feig. This makes this film absolutely delicious to watch, especially when Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavalle share the screen. However the biggest surprise is yet to come, as Jason Statham delivers one of the best performances of his career, as an unfortunate agent who tries hard to accomplish his mission, only to achieve nothing but disappointment. It`s an absolute delight to see how Jude Law handles his part, and I really believe he should be nominated to be the next James Bond.

There is no surprises from Melissa McCarty`s performance, as she knows all too well how to portray the character she plays in a way that will amaze everyone.  In SPY McCarthy provides an excellent tutorial for those who have ever dreamed of becoming an undercover agent, and in a very humorous way. Rose Byrne who portrays the most likable villain I`ve seen in a while, is simply fabulous. Every scene in which she appears is an absolute joy and truly unforgettable. Morena Baccarin who plays a small part in the film leaves an excellent impression of just how accomplished a comedic actress she could become.

Feig`s SPY is one of those films that will certainly convince the male part of the audience that woman can be great spies, agents, and fighters if the opportunity presents itself. All the lines written for the actors are simply flawless, hysterical, as well as smart. Seeing this film you will understand what is really missing in our modern era – a film that can bring all the best pieces together to make a pure masterpiece, called SPY, which certainly, no one should miss seeing.

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