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TIFF 15 Short Cuts Review: NEVER HAPPENED (2015)


Credit: Courtesy of TIFF

There is always a way to forget things you think is better to have erased from your memory. However, there is always something which will remotely remind you about what you have tried to leave in the past. Grady (Aaron Abrams) and Laura (Mia Kirshner) are business travellers. In one of their trips they end up in a hotel room, but later on decide to simply forget about it, like it never happened.

Mark Slutsky’s short movie begins with Aaron, who just arrives home from a business trip. His pregnant wife, Sharon (Anna Hopkins), asks him about his trip. Aaron seems to have gotten used to telling the same casual business story, which is partially true. But in flashback you will find Aaron having a much more eventful night, the night that he willingly forgets.

TIFF15’s Official Selection as part of Short Cuts Programme 7, NEVER HAPPENED, directed by Mark Slutsky is quite an interesting movie about how a pair of business travellers
find an excellent way to leave behind their short affair. But once you watch the movie till the end, you start asking yourself, was it only one time or there were many? But what’s important in NEVER HAPPENED is that it does not matter if you have a device that can help you erase a compromised memory.  Because there always will be a little sign you’ll have as a little reminder about something you, for some reason, do not remember.


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