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TIFF 15 Review: Our Brand is Crisis (2015) ★★★★★


How many movies make you feel as if you were on a highway, driving so fast that you don’t want to slow down? Our Brand is Crisis is a movie which will take you on a high-speed journey with plenty of adrenaline and no desire to end the insane, and meantime, totally out of control journey. This is a remarkable and totally knocked out movie by all means. Originally, I expected nothing but big disappointment, but what I got in the end is something that makes me keep talking about it, and I see zero reasons who it shouldn’t be the same with you.…

Jane is a political campaign strategist. She is invited to Bolivia by Castillo, who wants to win the presidential election. Being 25 points behind is a big deal for him, but not for Jane, who wants to use those points and political crisis as the main brand to get the desired office. She is unpredictable, sometimes funny and may look like a lunatic. But those characteristics in her won’t stop her from accomplishing her mission. After all, isn’t that why she was hired by the candidate?

OUR BRAND IS CRISIS begins so dynamically and fast that you won’t have a chance to even rest. Sandra Bullock’s another brilliant performance will leave you stunned and wonder how far this truly talented actress will go to show how natural she is when it comes to portray a difficult and complex character such as Jane. The character development is on top level, the score is captivating, and the entire cast is simply outstanding. David Gordon Green’s movie has all the required ingredients to become one of the year’s finest movies.

In conclusion, OUR BRAND IS CRISIS captures the political campaign in Bolivia in such an imaginative, fast, and incredibly funny way that it will make you fall in love with this film. It has no dragging scenes. Everything is placed in order. Every scene is executed masterfully. All you need is to tighten your seat belt and enjoy the high-speed ride offered by such a tic film.

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