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TIFF 15 Review: Guilty (2015) ★★★★★


I’ve seen many films where the filmmaker directs his film with passion, love and desire to talk to the viewer through his film, but I’ve never seen a film where the director makes it with anger, desperation and confusion the way it happened with Meghna Gulzar’s GUILTY. And that, my dear reader is absolutely shocking, unexpected but meantime a journey to reality which you will simply hate. A fourteen year old girl is found dead in her bed. Next morning, a servant of the house is also found brutally killed. What is it? A murder? Suicide? Or an honor killing? Whatever it is, it seems the police had already come out with the easiest solution which everyone is okay with. But who will find the truth or will it be ever uncovered is something you need to find out by yourself after seeing Gulzar’s GUILTY (Talvar, original title).

Ramesh Tandon and his wife find their daughter, Shruti Tandon, murdered in her bedroom while they were asleep. When police arrives to the crime scene, they compromise every single evidence without even attempting to conduct a deep investigation. No fingerprints are taken. Later on, their servant is also found dead, raising the question, what if the parents are the ones to be blamed in this brutal crime?  After the local police fails to come to any conclusion other than blaming the parents for the murder, one of the best investigators, Nashvin Kumar is invited to investigate and find the real murderer.

And by the time he begins his investigation, he realizes that the investigation was not done properly and the parents were accused for the murder wrongly. But by the time he comes to the conclusion, it no longer matters as the society already have their own answer and ready to convict whoever they wish without even paying attention to the strong evidence that proves otherwise. And this is what I liked most in this film; the way how Meghna Gulzar shows you how it is when you face ignorant people with ideas and versions you can’t really face. And unfortunately, events described in the film is based upon a true story which in the end, will make you feel angry, because what you think and really happened are not the same.

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