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The European Union Film Festival 2015 Has Announced Its Full line-up


The European Union Film Festival, which is scheduled to run from November 14 to 28th, 2015 has announced its full line-up, which I must say is great. Each title is going to bring a diverse experience, movies of different genres which will leave everyone pleased. But the best thing about the festival is that all EUFF screenings are free, but a number of paid advance reservations are available online. Latvia’s ALIAS LONER has been picked to be presented on the Opening Night, while Luxembourg’s BABY(A)LONE directed by Donato Rotunno will be presented on the Closing Night.

The complete list of the 28th features can be found below, or visit for more information.

Austria – FEVER, directed by Elfi Mikesch *Canadian Premiere*
Belgium – OFFLINE, directed by Peter Monsaert *Toronto Premiere*
Bulgaria – THE SINKING OF SOZOPOL, directed by Kostadin Bonev *Toronto Premiere*
Croatia – COWBOYS, directed by Tomislav Mršić *Toronto Premiere*
Cyprus – COMMITTED, directed by Stelana Kliris *Canadian Premiere *
Czech Republic – TO SEE THE SEA, directed by Jirří Mádl *Toronto Premiere*
Denmark – THE KEEPER OF LOST CAUSES, directed by Mikkel Nørgaard *Toronto Premiere*
Estonia – 1944, directed by Elmo Nüganen *Canadian Premiere*
Finland – THE GRUMP, directed by Dome Karukoski
France – WILD LIFE, directed by Cédric Kahn *Toronto Premiere*
Germany – PARENTS, directed by Robert Thalheim *North American Premiere*
Greece – THE ENEMY WITHIN, directed by Yorgos Tsemberopoulos *Toronto Premiere*
Hungary – LIZA, THE FOX FAIRY, directed by Károly Ujj-Mészáros *Toronto Premiere*
Ireland – NOBLE, directed by Stephen Bradley *Toronto Premiere*
Italy – SWORN VIRGIN, directed by Laura Bispuri *Canadian Premiere*
Latvia – ALIAS LONER, written/directed by Normunds Pucis *Canadian Premiere* OPENING Night
Lithuania – SAUL AND PAUL ROBBED THEM ALL, directed by Simonas Askelavicius, Ricardas Marcinkus *North American Premiere*
Luxembourg – BABY(A)LONE, directed by Donato Rotunno *Toronto Premiere* CLOSING Night
Malta – SIMSHAR, directed by Rebecca Cremona *Toronto Premiere*
Netherlands – ADMIRAL, directed by Roel Reiné *Canadian Premiere*
Poland – BODY, directed by Malgorzata Szumowska
Portugal – CATS DON’T HAVE VERTIGO, directed by António-Pedro Vasconcelos *Canadian Premiere*
Romania – A LOVE STORY, LINDENFELD, directed by Radu Gabrea
Slovakia – HOSTAGE, directed by Juraj Nvota *Canadian Premiere*
Slovenia – CLASS ENEMY, directed by Rok Biček *Toronto Premiere*
Spain –  BLACK DIAMONDS, directed by Miguel Alcantud *Toronto Premiere*
Sweden – HOME, directed by Maximilian Hult *Canadian Premiere*
United Kingdom – DARK HORSE, directed by Louise Osmond
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