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Film Review: “Snowpiercer” (2013) ★★★★★


The future of humanity is being told in so many ways and angles that every time you hear about a new film about dystopian future you probably ask yourself, “what else have we not heard of our ‘dark future’ ?” But what Joon Ho Bong’s SNOWPIERCER brings is certainly a refreshing perspective of what might be expected for us in some distant future. This film is like a glossary for metaphors to be used for anyone if they want to translate any part of the scene to an understandable language for everybody. And that is what might be terrifying, but meantime, an-eye-opener for those who support conspiracy theories. But whatever it is, you will again see how important it is to not go against Mother Nature. Because one day none of us will find her responsiveness that pleasant….

Set in a distant future where a failed climate-change experiment kills all life on the planet except for a lucky few who boarded the Snowpiercer, the train led by Wilford (Ed Harris) which travels non-stop around the globe. However, not everything is that simple; while class system emerges in the film, those who live in the tail section of the train eat nothing but the protein bars made from insects (but they don’t know about it). Some other people are lucky enough to have chicken, or sushi, but only once in a month. For better controlling of wealthy people, Mr. Wilford provides them an unlimited amount of drugs that helps him to turn those people from kind into violent, as a part of an entertaining program. While the Snowpiercer train has a limited capacity and food for the people, Wilford finds it important to control the balance and save the most important ones by killing those who are less fortunate. And who else if not those who live in the tail section to be “removed” as the part of “population control” program?

Chris Evans plays Curtis, a young man who goes against the class system created by the genius engineer, Wilford, played by the great Ed Harris. Seeing the life lived by his fellow tail-section citizens makes him to stand for them. However, that does not happen until when Mason, played by multi-talented and the master of transformation Tilda Swinton, comes to his section to count the people and ends up taking away Tanya’s (Octavia Spencer) little son. As the protest and violence goes far beyond expectations of any side, Curtis must learn the biggest lesson in his life, that sometimes, there is no way of changing the circle of life. Because you can control only your fate, but not others’, who rely on him as the last hope to survive the life aboard the train.

SNOWPIERCER is a brilliant film by all means. The confrontation scene between Wilford and Curtis is so powerful and educational, that the viewer might simply be amazed by the real reflection of the life on planet Earth, while the same planet appears in this film in the shape and form of a train. While the film itself is quite entertaining in spite of heavily loaded violent scenes, the entire cast delivers their best possible to capture life on the train, while the whole world lies under snow. And in the end, this film manages to raise many questions, and gives an extra food for thought to those who, again, like to discuss the future we may never be part of. But whatever it is, this certainly deserves your attention.

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