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Film Review: “Daddy`s Home” (2015) ★★★★


To smile throughout a film is more than enough to enjoy a good comedy instead of laughing at silly jokes that will be forgotten a minute later. Co-written and directed by Sean Anders, DADDY’s HOME delivers you the right amount of everything that the comedy genre must give you in order to feel satisfied after watching it. The subject it touches is very important as it tries to compare what’s better to be, a daddy or a father? It gives you the right definition of the two meanings that will not only make you think about it, but get back to re-watch it again just because it makes you feel good every time.

Brad Whitaker (Will Ferrell), is a successful radio host who tries to earn the affection of his children, who in reality are his stepchildren. He is a calm, kind, sensitive and soft man, who does everything possible to become a real dad to Dylan (Owen Vaccaro) and Megan (Scarlett Estevez). When he starts feeling some progress from his desperate attempts, the biological daddy, Dusty Mayron (Marc Wahlberg) appears after a long absence. This turns Brad’s plan upside down, and as a result throws himself in an unequal competition to compete with Dusty at everything to be deserved to be called as daddy.

The film begins when Brad introduces us his family; a beautiful wife, Sara (Linda Cardellini), and his beloved children, Dylan and Megan. But the part when he could have enjoyed the moment of being a loved daddy is interrupted by an unexpected phone call; it’s when the children run towards the phone to pick it up. The person who was on the other side of the line is Dusty, who announces his imminent arrival making Dylan and Megan jump for joy. Even though the amusing part of the film begins with the opening scene, it continues throughout, while two grown up men act like children as they try to compete with each other, which turns DADDY’s HOME into a fine and, moreover, a meaningful comedy.

Will Ferrell is arguably one of the best comedians of our generation. However, not all his films are watchable more than once, except a few that became instant classics. However, what he delivers in Anders’ film is what we all expect from a great comedian like him. Ferrell finds his real self, while Marc Walhberg perfectly complements it with his appearance. It’s an absolute amusement watching two different actors delivering the same amount of laughter as they continue to entertain the viewer with their solid performances. The film contains only family friendly jokes with a few important lessons. Anders not only makes you feel good throughout the entire film, but also shows you the two sides of being a father, and it is for you to chose which one is the best. In conclusion it is a film which will never make you stop smiling, which is what’s important when you watch a feel-good comedy like Daddy’s Home.

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