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Film Review: “Kilo Two Bravo” (2014) ★★★★


There are many movies made about war. Some of them are based on true story, some fictional. However, they always share one common thing: war never brings satisfaction nor victory to any side. What you will see in KILO TWO BRAVO, directed by Paul Katis, the clear indication of sometimes it’s not the war, but its aftermath which takes young soldiers’ lives without facing an enemy.

Kajaki Damm 2006. A company of young British soldiers, Stu Hale (Benjamin O`Mahony), Mark Wright (David Elliot), Ken Barlow (Liam Ainsworth), Alex Craig (Grant Kilburn), Stu Pearson (Skott Kyle), Paul Hartley (Mark Stanley) and their mates encounter an unexpected, terrifying enemy in the form of anti-personnel mine. The mine that will insensitively attack the soldiers and cost them their lives or legs…  But what is important In KILO TWO BRAVO is the fact that without each other’s help and bravery of soldiers in the critical situation, you would never get a chance to see such an inspiring, but sad movie about how young soldiers who have a long life to live must face an unnecessary enemy that will threaten their lives.…

KILO TWO BRAVO is based on actual events and begins with our heroes, who are serving their mission peacefully. However, that peace will soon disappear when Stu steps on a mine. Paul Hartlet (Mark Stanley) along with the other soldiers try to do his best in order to keep Stu alive until the helicopter arrives. However, shortly after, Ken Barlow, Alex Craig and Mark Wright will also get wounded making the whole movie impossible to watch without tissues. As the film progresses, you will get a chance to see how those who got lucky not to get injured will risk their lives in order to help their friends.

KILO TWO BRAVO is a truly breathtaking movie about bravery, war and reality. It’s a must watch movie for anyone who loves war movies based on a true story. It’s an intense film and superbly directed allowing you to care about the characters, which are real people, even more. And by the time the movie ends with closing titles, you no doubt will find yourself crying relentlessly while you see the real photos of those whose name went down in history for their brave action in that impossible situation…

The Search Engine Films’, BAFTA-nominated film KILO TWO BRAVO will be released on DVD  Tuesday, March 8.

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