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Film Review: “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie” (2016) ★★★★


Before writing this review, I had to watch a few episodes of Absolutely Fabulous in order to appreciate Jennifer Saunder’s attempt to bring back, maybe for the very last time, the still beloved characters of Edina and Patsy. And once I did that, I found ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS THE MOVIE staying true to the original series, which is quite important, if you’re a fan.

Edina and Patsy may not be as young and energetic as they used to be, but are still glorious, glamourous, and yet absolutely fabulous when it comes to creating a problem where there could have been none. Patsy wants to become Kate Moss’ PR agent, and for that she is willing to do absolutely everything. But what happens during the reception night is something that even Edina’s brilliant mind could not have see that far – when Edina approached Kate Moss, after a slight but aggressive touch, she sends her potential client to the bottom of the River Thames, from where not even a single rescuer was able to extract her body.

While the whole world remains in complete shock and asks if Kate Moss is still alive, Edina and Patsy runs to the South of France, hoping that soon things will get quieter. But how can such a problem of a possible murder case can be forgotten by devoted and devastated fans? In the meantime, Edina has a personal issue with her grown up and yet, single-mother daughter, Saffy, who has practically the same problems with her uncontrollable and full of wanderlust teenage daughter.

As the story unfolds, the pace of the film never goes down, not even for a minute. Real intelligent British humor stays with the viewer up until the closing credits, while the entire story is endlessly amusing. Despite not being a fan of the original series, in my opinion, the veteran filmmaker Mandie Fletcher manages to deliver the right atmosphere in ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. That is something most of the fans loved in it the most, even though, I’ve never been one. But that, just for the record, would not be possible if not for the original cast, that seems, after so many years still is fabulously attached to their old characters.

In conclusion, ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS THE MOVIE is absolutely charming comedy. It is harmless and engaging. Funny and right to the point. Written lines are tasteful, hilarious and reachable to any viewer. Yet, it reminds us once again how sometimes it’s important to resurrect classic series such as ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS to be able to see the difference between comedies nowadays and the classic ones. And if you got my point, you’ve already realized that there is no modern comedy that could replace old ones like ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS.

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