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Film Review: “Bridget Jones’s Baby” (2016) ★★★★


It is hard to imagine the best possible magical combination to ensure the film you see will both make you laugh to tears and entertain with its wickedly intelligent dialogues. And that is what Bridget Jones’s Baby offers you, and never fails to do that. It has Colin Firth and the true prince charming, Patrick Dempsey, with the screenplay written by, guess who, Emma Thompson. And of course Renée Zellweger, who once again shines as Bridget Jones. God, didn’t we all miss her so terribly?

Bridget Jones turns 43, works at the Hard News Agency, is single and has a crazy friend and colleague, who’s willing to lose her mind for a second. But that is not how the story of Bridget Jones begins. After attending the funeral of Hugh, Mark Darcy appears to say a final goodbye. Seemingly an empty way opens to conquer Bridget Jones’ heart again, Jack, an American man crosses the path by allowing himself to fall for Bridget.

A one-night stand with both, Mark and Jack, of course not at the same day and time, turns Bridget into a pregnant woman. Puzzled and lost, Bridget not sure how to handle the tricky situation since either of the men could potentially be the father. But soon it no longer matters who the father is, but the attention a baby and its mother receives is what will melt your heart.

Right from the beginning, Bridget Jones’s Baby brings back sweet and heartwarming memories as big as the ocean. Every time when Jones and Mark appear in the same scene, the feeling of gratitude towards the storyline and the idea of bringing the beloved characters back will strike you as unembraced waves you would not mind drowning in.  Emma Thompson as Bridget’s doctor is an absolute delight for any eye. And how else could it be, when you get everyone you want in such a magical, intelligently written comedy, that you would wish to never come to an end.

In conclusion, Bridget Jones’s Baby movie is what it’s meant to be: cute and spellbinding. Everything about it is an absolute joy. You will get a non-stop laughter scene, excellent performance, a fantastic atmosphere, and Rene Zellweger who you will applause throughout the film. The feeling of worry that this new version of the film may not work will quickly disappear, as from the next moment till the end you will find yourself in the world of wonderland that could be owned by the one and only Bridget Jones and her baby.

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