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Exciting rumours about the next Batman movie


Exciting rumours about the next Batman movie

There are few comic book creations who can match Batman for his workaholic tendencies. As well as a recent starring role in the Batman V Superman mishap, and a weird appearance in Suicide Squad, he’s also popped up in mobile adventure games, online slots exploits and even Sony’s upcoming virtual reality project.

But it’s always on our cinema screens where Batman really shines, and so the recent news that there’s a new Batman movie in the works has certainly created plenty of rumours regarding the Caped Crusader’s future adventures.

Affleck’s influence

Although Ben Affleck’s recent appearances as Batman may have not exactly won over the critics, it’s hoped that his increased role in the franchise will soon see him directing a stand-alone Batman movie.

Such a move could be exactly what the Caped Crusader needs, as the Batman V Superman film suffered from a fairly unwieldy plot. But with Affleck’s natural storytelling skills evident in his direction of the Oscar-winning Argo, it’s hoped that the next Batman movie will be more than just an endless series of confusing chase scenes.

What to expect

The stand-alone Batman movie has already been pencilled in for a 2018 release, and it’s widely expected to be simply called The Batman. And whilst the plot details for the upcoming film are still understandably scarce, it’s thought that the Batsuit will be similar to the sleek design that was teased at in the recent Justice League leaks.

Whatever happens, there’s certain to be many intriguing teaser trailers forthcoming from Warner Bros over the next couple of years. And if you’re a fan of the Caped Crusader, you can make the excruciating wait a little more bearable by heading to Lucky Nugget Casino to check out the latest Batman-themed slots gaming fun.

New villains

Whilst there have been many iconic bad guys in recent Batman movies, Ben Affleck’s recent tweet that suggested that Deathstroke could be in the next Batman film will definitely satisfy many hardcore fans. This mercenary villain is one of DC Comics’ most notorious and enigmatic characters, and it’s going to be fascinating to see who could create a defining impression of this challenging role.

And with further exciting news that the movie will featured an entirely redesigned Batmobile, it won’t just be the online slots games that will keep Batfans spellbound in the coming months.

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