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Sundance 2017 Film Review: “Fun Mom Dinner” (2017) ★★★★


Every Mom deserves to take time off from their children, at least, for one night. Of course, not to get enough sleep, but to have a fun dinner with friends. The children, of course, will be fine if they are left with their fathers… But you know, in many cases, that is not the case. However, what you will see in Alethea Jones’ FUN MOM DINNER is the combination of both, which is delivered in an adorable way.

Kate, Emily, Jamie and Melanie have only one thing in common – they have children with preschool class that exhausts them by the end of the day. An offer comes from Melanie and Jamie to spend some fun dinner time away from their children. Having prepared everything, leaving the kids with their fathers, the four will find themselves seemingly in a harmless evening full of adventure where all of them have to learn about each other more than they knew…

Kate (Toni Collette) has four children to look after. Emily, the youngest of the four friends has one child as well. Her perfect marriage seems to be falling apart as her husband Tom (Adam Scott) seems to have no time for her anymore. Melanie and Jamie are also having their own way of struggling with children. However, Jamie appears to be more energetic as every time when she takes her picture it immediately gets posted on Instagram. The idea to have a free-of-children evening sounds to them so seductive that they right away leave the kids with their husbands, and go out, soon to find out that not every fun mom dinner is meant to end the way theirs will end….

FUN MOM DINNER is a surprisingly amusing movie to watch. It cleverly avoids using inappropriate language to make the audience laugh. It brings close to what could have happened with women, and allows the fathers to have their own fun night. The characters written are rich and gets enough of screening time to enjoy them thoroughly. Performance wise there’s no complaint as the stellar cast knew exactly what to do in order to entertain you until the movie ends. So, whenever you plan your fun mom or dad dinner, ensure to check this movie out beforehand to be well prepared for an unexpected turnout.

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