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Hot Docs 2018 Review: “Our New President” (2018) ★★★★★


If you are a North American, whether Canadian or American or anyone who is not Russian, you should know one thing, but try not to get so surprised though, that Russians despise anyone who’s not Russian; in fact, they love only the ones who love them. That’s my experience, the experience of our country and of course the entire region. There are people, who, of course do not support Putin’s regime, those who fled away from their home country. But the majority, who are still on Putin’s soil, still do. This is why watching “Our New President” or seeing what happens in the White House reminds of the sinister plan someone, who played it out really well if the entire Russia truly believes Trump is the president of the United States of Russia.

The little introduction was just to give an idea of how powerfully directed narrative “Our New President” is. It begins with Philip K. Dick’s quote that says the follows: “Fake realities will create fake humans. Or, fake humans will generate fake realities and sell them to other humans, turning them, eventually, into forgeries of themselves.” It adds a great context to the narrative where fake news or the same reality is cleverly planted into the mind of Russians used against Americans before and during the presidential election with two characters in it; one portrayed as a villain – Hilary Clinton and the savior (for Russians only) of the world, Mr. Donald Trump.

As the film focuses on the Russian propaganda machinery or their portrayal of Clinton and Trump or even how the entire country accepted the news of Trump’s shocking victory as if they were the ones who singlehandedly put him into the White House, or the way the democratic world likes to say, “lawfully elected”, Russia Today, Ostankino or other state controlled (everything is being controlled by Kremlin) TV channels have dedicated themselves into spreading out fake news, making Hilary Clinton look like she is steps away from getting awfully ill or being cursed by the mummy. It’s quite funny seeing how Trump got Russia’s attention as the film truly captures what the Russian propaganda is or how hard they try to protect the one who is chosen to do what the system expects to be done.

In conclusion, in order to understand or completely digest and comprehend the entire concept of the Russian TV channels, reading the subtitles are not enough, as certain dialogues in Russian are truly difficult to translate to any language. But again, even if you happen to understand nothing in Russian, the subtitles still can deliver that atmosphere of madness, craziness and the nightmarish system that continues brainwashing people’s mind successfully outside of their own soil. The most amusing part of the documentary is the fabric of troll where it quite charmingly explains the way they operate or unprecedented degree of dedication they have to downgrade the democracy to in a country where it now looks like just a nice history.

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