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Tribeca 2018 Review: “Two Balloons” (2018) ★★★★★


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Love is the most powerful and beautiful feeling we as a human beings are fortunate  enough to have. And not only us, animals, flowers, trees and any living creature that is known or unknown to us can experience it. Having only that is enough to travel to the moon and come back. But, the most cutest part is that the heroes of “Two Balloons”, written and directed by Mark C Smith, bring up a whole new different level of expressing love, communicating through it not on land, but on air and in the sky when you know nothing could disrupt the two from having each other no matter what…

The opening scene of this heart-melting animated film is charming enough not to admire it. Though amazingly composed and performed by Peter Broderica without any dialogues, we find a male lemur that carefully studies the map, where on the right side of it we find the image of what appears to be a female lemur.

As he continues his research, the camera moves around to show how well the lemur is prepared for his journey. But it is when a bird flies over towards the lemur, we realize he gets the long-awaited message. But from whom though? The answer was revealed right after when we realize he is an explorer who while navigating through the stars and blue sky, he looks for an opportunity to reunite with his lover. But when an unfortunate event occurs to disrupt the long awaited reunion, the male lemur will stop at nothing to not lose that sparkle in his life he finds through the love of his life.

There is nothing like “Two Balloons” ever made to tell the love story with such vivid and subtle details. Every element included for this a 9-minute masterpiece is nothing short of a true form of art. The music, the atmosphere, the ideal and touching relationship captured in this wonderful animated films screams stands out. Nothing is missed, nothing is left to be told. And how could it be when it had such a caring touch?

In conclusion, right from the beginning to the end, Mark C. Smith’s Two Balloons offers an unforgettable and enchanting journey to the world where love is the only power that owns the heart of its character. Their way of communicating with each other, their look, gestures and even the bird offers absolute harmony with the Mother Nature despite it getting angry sometimes by challenging the lemur’s determination. But in the end, nothing could prevail over them. Nothing was above them except the sky that bows to them as a token of gratitude for the lemur’s fire and willingness to reach for each other no matter how hard and impossible it is.

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