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Analysis: Netflix`s “13 Reasons Why” or What Would’ve Happened if Hannah Baker Had Made Another Decision to Take the Lives of Those Who Hurt Her but Spare Her Own?


I’ve been thinking a lot before even beginning to write what I have in my mind. To be frank, I have asked myself many times what my main goal of running my own website is? Freedom and independence? What value does this bring to you or someone else? If, let’s say, I cover one particular movie or do an interview, will that keep you interested enough to continue going through it? Maybe one single line somewhere written by me may ignite in you a new and brilliant idea? I don’t know if I’m being honest with you.

But one thing I know for a fact is that certain movies or series I cover here do leave an impact in my life. Some I let just go, but some stay with me like they’re a part of my soul. Today hearing another school shooting in Texas that claimed 10 lives, I could not help myself but ask one question after seeing the face of a suspect – What if that life-changing decision he made could have been prevented? Why on earth did he need to spare the life of people he liked just because he wanted them to share his story?

What I am going to say next is something you may not hear often, but I humbly ask you to not judge me for anything you read from now on. My intention is not to defend the shooter, but rather get deep into the real cause that made this young man take the gun of his father, head towards the school and do that inhumane act. But when I try to draw parallels between reality and fictional story in Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” I no longer know if the world we live in is real or just fiction. But I truly like to picture what would’ve happened if Hannah Baker had made another decision to take the lives of those who hurt her but spare her own…

Hannah Baker from “13 Reasons Why” slit her wrists and bled to death. But before she committed suicide, she recorded 12 tapes providing 13 reasons why she killed herself. First, she starts with Justin. Then Jessica, who both have broken her heart. Alex, Tyler, Courtney, Marcus have contributed in destroying her reputation. Bryce Walker is the man who broke her soul by not only treating her as if she was trash, but raped her, while at the end of season one says to Clay that, “every girl in the school wants to be raped.” And Clay, the young man who should not have been on that list, but was necessary to capture the deadly chain that begins from the moment when he loses his courage to do the right thing.

Now leaving aside the storyline, it makes more sense to jump into the concept of “13 reasons Why” and try to provide specific reasons why it’s the only show that’s uncompromising when it comes to uncovering the reality of school bullying, the way the school tries to hide it, or how they enable such a thing to happen what happened to Hannah Baker and to many other teenagers in real life who have to either kill themselves or kill the one who caused the pain.

Let’s do the simple math – Alex, Tyler, Courtney, Marcus, Bryce Walker, Justin, Sheri, Zach, Jessica and Mr. Porter are reasons why Hannah had to give up her own life even when she could have, albeit good that she did not, taken a gun and make another decision. But what Hannah Baker does is truly astounding, heart-wrenching, powerful, painful but yet necessary. At some point she knew she won’t be able to move on with her life, and no matter how hard I tried, it felt right to agree with her because who wouldn’t if they were in her shoes? However, her tapes serve as proof that nothing can be as powerful as the truth, but what can be done in order to have the truth protected and come out as soon as the change arises?

By getting back to the individuals that have helped greatly in order for Hannah to rush with her decision, the message she sends through her death to those who decided to leave behind is what every school, every teacher, every parent and every kid must learn from. And by saying learning does not mean to do exactly what Hannah did, but begin recognizing the signs today rather than tomorrow when it can be too late. But what are those signs and how can we notice them is why “13 Reasons Why” should be used as a great reference to prevent a tragedy from occurring ahead of time.

According to numbers provided by Axios, these are the 10 deadliest school shootings since Columbine (15 deaths) which are quite alarming and horrifying:

According to National Voices for Equality, Education, and Enlightenment Supports below are the bullying statistics:






School Violence STATISTICS:

Teachers & Bullying:

By going through these numbers, and completely putting the focus into school bullying, I would like every parent to ask one question; Why do schools deny that bullying causes suicide? Or, why their anti-bullying preventive programs do not work? Or what can we do to stop events like the one which happened with Hannah Baker or anyone else from happening?

Tragedies like these always demand immediate attention, but we fail to provide it either because we are worried about school’s reputation, rich donors, their children, or are too tolerant towards violence in school and have our attention focused on less important things such as banning the word “best friend” from being used in junior or senior kindergarten. But if we go back to “13 Reasons Why” and Hannah Baker’s decision, I wonder what would have happened if she had decided to take the life of every individual that thought their life was more important that Hannah’s? Let’s imagine for a second if she did so, would she be labeled as a young girl with mental issues, villain and troubled girl, or begin the real conversation rather than blaming others for our own guilt? And discover the truth behind any of the school shootings where they turn students into student murderers by admitting the fact of bullying?

To conclude this long analysis, I would like to emphasise why it’s important for everyone to see “13 Reasons Why”. Indeed, it’s unbearable to watch, and sometimes you might begin hating life itself as you go through from one tape to another, but the solution begins with a conversation, and conversations will open up the wounds that might finally get the chance to be healed. We must do something to reduce school shootings, suicides, and the first step to that is not doing something impossible, but looking around and find the new generation that’s next to you, whether it’s your son, nephew, daughter, uncle, or just a random person. Education will help overcome the depression in society, but the right behavior, good manners, respect, politeness, dignity and being humane and kind will put all of us on the right track for our children to do the right thing where we have failed them.

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