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Film Review: “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” (2018) ★★★


There is always one moral lesson in every science fiction film such as “Jurassic World”, “Transformers”, “Cloverfield Paradox” or even “The Purge” – that we human beings must be kept in check for the sake of humanity and that animals have more empathy than those with education when it comes to telling the difference between good and evil. With all this technology and ability to invest more money into the healthcare system, lets say to cure cancer, all the funds are instead being dedicated towards creating weapons of mass destruction or creating some kind of hybrid, a prototype of dinosaur to sell in the black market. Maybe that’s why I found watching “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” interesting because it is, indeed, our kingdom that falls right before our eyes and we can do nothing about it…

Set in a fictional Central American Island of Isla Nublar off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, the new installment of “Jurassic World” follows Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) and Owen Gready (Chris Pratt) teaming up to save the remaining species from dying in a volcanic Island that is about to explode. However, as they get into the Island, they realize the mission they were told to accomplish was far from what actually needs to be done which will turn into a fight for survival not only for them, but all the dinosaurs that must be protected from vicious human beings involved in animal trafficking…

We learn things are not going well as soon as the film starts due to the impending eruption of a volcano that is about to destroy all the living rare species. It all happens after three years of previous events. As the world and the politicians fail to come up with a better plan to protect dinosaurs from vanishing into thin air, Claire meets Benjamin Lockwood at his estate in Northern Carolina whom she promises to join the rescue mission in order to move dinosaurs to a safer place where they can live without human interference. One of the species that is told to be saved is the last living Velociraptor, known as Blue, which might be hard to locate. This is why Claire asks Owen to join the mission not knowing that there’s a dangerous business involved in the mission, related to the cloning of dinosaurs, and that Blue is the main key for this to be fully accomplished.

I’ve gotta admit – some scenes or lines were laughable when it wasn’t meant to be. However, the promise of being an entertaining and fully engaging film loaded with the CGI dinosaurs is the best thing J.A. Bayona can offer. Of course, no one should expect a masterpiece from this film or expect it to be one of the best sequels. However, it has a rare charisma that attracts all types of viewers around the world which is an outstanding achievement no one can undermine. And on top of that, all the dinosaurs seen in the film are being portrayed as very kind, intelligent, analytical creatures with empathy and compassion which some individuals happen to be lacking.

In conclusion, J.A. Bayona deserves more praise than he may receive for his excellent effort to make “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” as decent as possible. And if it fails, it’s because the flat screenplay does not really give us much to play with our imagination. Perhaps, it’s just me who wants more, but the thing is, if I were to get that so called “more” out of it, it would be a whole different film, whether I want it or not, I must admit. That’s why don’t worry, my very valuable reader, about negative reviews you might read about Bayona’s work, as it’s way better than being bad, and much better to be called simply average. Yet, maybe forgettable, but there is no need to commit every thing we see into our memory as it may run out one day, don’t you agree?


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