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ICFF 2018 Review: “There Is No Place Like Home” (2018) ★★★★


What does home mean? How does it relate to the term ‘family’? But home is also where the heart is. A real family is never normal. It always has more downs than ups, but when the time comes to cherish the positive things, happiness begins to arrive. But in reality, it’s never smooth, there is always someone who won’t find peace, there is constant fight, music, loud conversations, broken dreams, and even the desire to make everyone disappear, because it’s really too much. If it does not sound too familiar, then “There is No Place Like Home” is happy to remind everyone what makes family or home so needed no matter what.

Based on the story of Gabriele Muccino who also directs the film, written by Paolo Costella in collaboration with Sabrina Impacciaotore (and with such massive storyline no wonder why), “A Casa Tutti Bene” follows the big family that sees each other often, at the wedding and even at funerals. Now they have a chance to gather together at a small island to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Pietro and Alba where they, as usual, will find an opportunity to express the anger they have, the love, sing a song and even dance like any other family…

“There is No Place Like Home” is rather a dramedy where each and every character has a lot to tell. Frankly, the film is full of absolutely fantastic human beings whose natural approach to life and not being afraid to change their mood constantly from good to bad or from bad to good will drive crazy every viewer to the point when some of you will want to run away from the auditorium simply because you will find yourself affected by their hypnotic charm in a profound way.

In conclusion, “There is No Place Like Home” is one of the best Italian films that’s reached the North American audience. It’s an honest and uncompromising piece. It’s not afraid to open the bleeding wound of a family for display through laughter and tears of each character, you will be happy to come to know about. And that’s the genuinely beautiful part of this film where the family never pretends to be normal, but rather real and loud, loving and caring, and more importantly, as crazy as hell. But that’s ok. Because it’s Italy, and they are allowed to be queer and unique in any way possible.

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