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Film Review: “A Christmas Prince” (2017) ★★★


Christmas is that special time of the year when leaving aside any film genre, we stick to watching Christmas movies to keep the holiday spirit. “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “A White Christmas”, “Christmas on 34th Street”, “Home Alone” are only some of the titles I can mention that have become almost like family members. We can’t imagine spending a holiday without them. Now, are we ready to accept a new member in the family? Let’s see what Netflix’s “A Christmas Prince” has to offer to us. Can this film claim its place in our hearts from now on? Maybe yes, maybe not. One thing you can be certain about it is that it’s charming, a bit goofy, harmless, and serves as a great company to spend a holiday night with.

Amber (Rose McIver) is a junior editor who dreams to become a writer one day. When the journalist who was supposed to travel to Aldovia to cover the press conference hosted by the Crown Prince Richard (Ben Lamb), Amber is sent to the event. What happens after her arrival, even the ones with the wildest imagination will fail to predict. Amber goes undercover as a tutor to get the juicy information for the gossip-magazine readers. She does uncover many details along on the road. Some of those can put the Royal family in danger. That same information might put Amber in danger. As in all stories about Prince Charming,  there is also a villain who sets some intrigues and tries to take over the throne.

Soon after Amber’s plane lands at Aldovia’s international airport, she gets into her first strange adventure. Her cab is stolen by someone, who later on turns out to be the prince himself, who is trying to hide from the press by changes his looks to remain unspotted. Hours later, the prince refuses to attend his press conference. With nothing else to do, Amber starts wandering around at the castle, where by mistake she is taken as the tutor and led to Princess Emily.

Amber is not a very talented liar. So the Princess quickly learns about her true identity but promises not to tell anything to the Queen or her brother. In return, she asks Amber to write only the truth about the future King.  Soon, Amber gets a chance to know the Prince and get closer to him. She finds out that in reality, he is a kind, honest, and humble human being. Meanwhile, she has to continue lying about her identity and hide the fact that she’s a reporter.

“A Christmas Prince” is not a fancy film, as you might expect. It has adopted an interesting style – simple, yet tells a magical story. Aldovia, as you can guess, is a fictional country, but it looks quite real and beautiful. It’s a place you’d like to visit. The approach taken by Alex Zamm who has directed the film is straightforward; the story develops quickly, and it makes us believe that within a matter of a few days the Prince can fall for the woman he barely knows. This is a fairytale that once again makes us believe in a heart-warming happily ever after.


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