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Film Review: Michael Moore`s “Fahrenheit 11/9” (2018) ★★★★★


November 8th, 2016 is the day historians are still puzzled about. The reasons that lead to the shocking election result, leaving the whole world stunned, is still unexplained. For some, it was just a nightmare coming true but for some others, it’s just another show that must go on. As Ana Varqas-West from Netflix’s “Ingobernable” rightfully said, “Politics is not about principles, it is a reality show. You must grab the viewer’s attention, otherwise they will switch the channel,” which reminds us why Donald J. Trump eventually got elected, back then, as the President of the most powerful country on Earth. He got elected because he is the best reality show star around that knows how to bring the worst kind of audience ever back to light, while those who were in the light will go hiding, hoping though not forever.

Filmmaker Michael Moore in his latest provocative, “Fahrenheit 11/9”, examines not only the current political situation of the United States but also what happened before, during, after the election, why some people love guns more than their own children, democracy, and what’s left of it. More importantly, he touches upon the phenomenon called Donald J. Trump that continues to entertain the world, but not quite in the way any respectful person or the President should. But remember, the film is not about Trump’s presidency, but about his persona as well. So be ready to watch the most horrifying movie you have ever seen in your entire life brought by Mr. Moore and based on a true story.

Michael Moore does not target Donald Trump alone, since Democrats have also been widely discussed through the examples of how they misunderstood their own people, disregarded their demands during the Flint Water Crisis when it could have been solved with one executive order. Obviously, you can feel why Mr. Moore is angry throughout the movie, but that angriness does not affect his judgemental skills as he finds the right balance to turn his documentary movie as a time capsule which can be used either to travel back in time or to the future, if the same errors are made.

The filmmaker also touches upon gun violence, Parkland shooting, and the verbal violence that widely spread after Trump took office. And then, the worst and the most horrifying part is when we realize the tactic Trump follows is identical to what Adolf Hitler did. But back then, all his actions lead to millions of deaths that in no way could be justified by any reasons provided by Nazis. The same pattern is highlighted in Moore’s documentary as what Trump aims to do. And based on recent results, he seems right on track to destroy the world order to accommodate his billionaire friends’ needs.

In conclusion, Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 11/9” is a powerful documentary movie that will make anyone feel disgusted but also make the careful viewer feel ready for action. The filmmaker cleverly captures what might be expected by Americans if they disregard the midterm election or any election from now on. But if Hurricane Florence is a tough one, as Trump just recently said while adding, “the wettest hurricane from the standpoint of water,” then Moore’s documentary is also one of the greatest documentary movies you have ever seen from the standpoint of a documentary piece that might be one which doesn’t miss its aim to educate people in a way that they can be ready for the next upcoming hurricane and do everything possible to reduce its deadly impact.



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