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Blood in the Snow Film Festival 2018: “The Whistler” (2018) ★★★


What can be better than babysitting a younger sister? We can read fairy tales to her, recite some lullaby and reassure her that the safest place on earth is being by our side. But what if one night can change that conception? Shot in British Columbia, Canada and inspired by the original tale of The Pied Piper of Hamelin by Robert Browning, “The Whistler” will take the viewer to a one-night event that will prove why falling asleep at night during a babysitting shift is a bad idea.

Lindsay, who had another plan for the night, is forced to babysit her sister, Becky. This one little favor for her parents seems to endow her with an uneventful night. But when Lindsay falls asleep to wake up and realize her sister has disappeared from the house, the girl begins her search in the woods fearing the worst. But by the time she thinks she’s found her, she realizes that she just found herself in the story of a book she just read to her sister right before her disappearance.

“The Whistler”, written and directed by Jennifer Nicole, with cinematography by Naim Sutherland, recreates within a short amount of time a chilling atmosphere of night, where its only intention is to horrify. Starring Karis Cameron as Lindsay and Baya Ipatowics and Becky, the short movie takes the viewer to a dark journey, where a bed time story turns out to be a nightmare. Due to excellent direction of Jenifer Nicole, the short movie delivers the right amount of horror using minimum visual effects, while letting nature itself do its job better than any big studios could have achieved.

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