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Film Review: Netflix`s “Tu Hijo” (2018) ★★★


Why does someone feel the need to punish another fellow citizen so severely that by deforming the shape of their body it brings them satisfaction? Why do we have to go that far to prove a point? Is it because of toxic masculinity, or is it all because of a sick desire that forces people to act like they have the right to do any anything that comes to their mind, even if that thing is undeniably wrong? “Tu Hijo”, written by Alberto Marini and Miguel Ángel Vivas, and directed by Miguel Ángel Vivas offers an interesting perspective to a violent act that will make you want to learn the entire story that will stun you to the core.

Jaime Jiménez, perfectly captured by Jose Coronado, is a brilliant surgeon. He has a wife he adores, a daughter, Sara (Asia Ortega), and his dearest son, Marcos (Pol Monen). All that he sees in his beloved child is a bright and promising young man, strong, and full of energy. Even when they run together in the morning, the old man tries to catch up with the strength of Marcos, which he knows is unbeatable. When his son is sent to hospital after being beaten up viciously by strangers, the father embarks himself on a journey of becoming a detective and a punisher at the same time without thinking of the consequences his actions may bring. No matter what, he knows nothing will stop him from bringing justice, not realizing what if his son being in the hospital was its own way of serving justice?

“Your Son” is another original from Netflix’s Spain production that revolves around the dark path called revenge. All what we know about Marcos’ incident is that he was at a night club. He seems to have had lots of fun, enjoyed his time with friends, and at some point had to interact with his ex-girlfriend Andrea at the night club even though she left their past relationship behind. Then, a supposedly fun night brings a violent outcome. Jaime is mad. Police begins its investigation but nobody says anything. This is why after feeling helpless and seeing the complete deformed faces of his handsome son, Jaime begins his quest that’s so evil and dangerous that it will put in jeopardy not only his well being, but that of everyone involved.

As the story unfolds, we know that it’s not that simple. We realize that we’re yet to learn about Marcos, what he did or what he didn’t. And what’s scary is his father who would allow his anger, impatience, but justifiable grief to begin spinning people’s lives around him for the worse. But is it worth it? Will the truth celebrate victory in the end? Make not mistake, it will but along with that a great loss, because no matter what Jaime will do, nothing will be right.

In the end, there will be more questions than answers as you will reach towards the end. And of course, you may find Jaime’s actions questionable. But what helps greatly in this case is putting ourselves into his shoes, before and after knowing the truth. Even though we all may say we would not do what Jaime did, it’s a questionable response by itself because we do not really know. Bad things, whether we want it or not, whether it’s being caused by us or not, do happen. The right question is, what would we do and what Jaime does are wholly different perspectives, let’s hope, will never happen in real life. Because no parent must go through what Jaime had to go through… But why it all happens will be an interesting subject for discussion, I am sure, you will find yourself talking about long after the film is over.

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