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Boston Underground Film Festival 2019 Review: “Assassinaut” (2019) ★

Source: IMDB

There are good and bad movies. There are great and painful dull features as well. However, we still watch them either because we want to or to remain informed. Another reason may be that movies which are set, especially in a different era or talk about different planet or Space, is almost like going to a free vacation without leaving our comfortable chairs. We like that. But after watching Drew Bolduc’s utterly uninspiring “Assassinaut”, you will rather prefer to be somewhere in a desert with no food or water, because the struggle for survival won’t be as torturous and unimaginably difficult as watching Bolduc’s piece.

The synopsis of the film is one of the best of its kind. It says the following – it`s a science-fiction adventure film about a young girl named Sarah (Shannon Hutchinson) who finds herself in the middle of a life-defining moment where she must save the President of Earth (Irene Santiago) from an astronaut (Vito Trigo) whose only mission is to kill the official. Her space mates, Tom (Johnathan Newport), Brooke (Yael Haskal), and Charlie (Jasmina Parent) try to help Sarah to accomplish the mission that is doomed to fail from the start.

The entire film is like a bad dream I wanted to wake up from so badly. Whether it was the performances, the storyline, direction, or visually stunning effects of Space that’s shot somewhere in the wilderness is fascinatingly unconvincing. As I understand that with a microbudget or with whatever fundings were available, nothing justifies the whole point of not only making this film but to present it as if it was something incredible.

But it’s incredible though when you will find yourself laughing throughout. As I understand the importance of telling a story whether it makes sense or not, some of them should remain untold because not knowing about it is better than knowing and hating it at the same time. Overall, “Assassinaut” might find its viewers in the face of a large group that will seek to watch something similar to Tommy Wiseau’s  “The Room”,  then there’s nothing to worry about as “Assassinaut” will have everything else to offer, what “The Room” could not possibly do.

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