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New on BluRay: Veronica Ngo in “Furie” (2019) ★★★★


Remember the sweet 90s when we had incredible action-packed films to watch? Jean Claude Van Damme, Cynthia Rothrock, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sigourney Weaver, Sylvester Stallone, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Wesley Snipes, Dolph Lundgren, Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris, Bruce Willis, and Russel Crowe would grace our silver screens even if that silver screen had only two colors to offer – black and white. Now, there are more action scenes but with no proper storyline to offer, until the moment I found a film called “Furie” made not by Hollywood but by Vietnamese Cinema, that trust me, is way cooler and more meaningful than any fancy thing you may see a minute after.

Hai Phuong (Veronica Ngo) can’t escape her past. As an excellent martial artist, she now resides in the countryside making money as a debt collector. Raising her own child alone, her daughter Mai (Cat Vy) is everything that Hai had dreamt of. However, that dream was gone within a moment when her daughter was kidnapped by a group of people that sell children’s organs. Realizing she has no time left, Hai has to use all her skills to defeat the undefeatable foe in a fight only the strong can win. Having only pain to take and the determination to not give up, Hai won’t stop at anything until she saves her daughter from getting killed.

As soon as the film starts, it delivers that delightful atmosphere of the golden era of action cinema. When we first meet Hai, she is busy at work by taking, forcibly though, a debt from people that owe to their boss. Despite Hai being harsh, this appears to be the only way for her to make some money in order to provide for her daughter. But when Mai gets kidnapped, the woman embarks herself on a dangerous journey in which she meets the police detective Luong (Thanh Nhien Phan), who same as her, tries to stop the international syndicate that kidnaps little children to sell them or their organs to their clients.

Overall, “Furie”, directed by Le-Van Kiet, is everything you’re probably looking for right now to watch. It’s a great action film that has an excellent choreography and well staged fighting scenes that won’t stop you from being amazed throughout. Indeed, you may say it has violent scenes. Remember, everything you see in this film is justifiable and makes absolute sense, I am sure, you will agree with me on that. But to avoid any opinion of mine that you may or may not welcome, I strongly recommend (which I rarely say in such manner) to watch it and rate it yourself. And if you find any of my words being written here not matching with what you see, you’re most welcome to call out my misleading review and write it here as a response.

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