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Film Review: “The Audition” (2019) ★★★★

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Each family has its own ups and downs. However, someone from them can be in a much more tense situation than others due to the rising pressure, let’s say, coming from a parent who wants its child to do something that may annoy him. All these problems are essential to not be overlooked, but when it happens, what’s been done can no longer be undone.

“The Audition” from director Ina Weisse follows a violin teacher who has a sense for talent but can’t solve the problems she has at home. Her slowly declining marriage with Phillipe (Simon Abkarian) and tense relationship with her 10-year-old son, Jonas (Serafin Mishiev), is not getting any better due to her consistent demand from him to do better in his violin classes. During one of the auditions, she instantly detects talent in Alexander (Ilja Monti), a boy who she believes with the proper training can be ready for concerts. It’s when she misses the crucial sign that, at some point, something horrific may happen if she doesn’t keep her eyes open. As you can imagine, she did not.

Anna (Nina Hoss) is someone who looks for perfections. And when she finds one, she wonders if that can be improved. Whether it is a restaurant scene or her dialogue with her son paints a picture of a very demanding person who does not realize that all these may backfire at her. For instance, she dedicates all her time to Alexander but when Jonas wants her affection, he sees it being shed on someone else. That alone is enough for Jonas to make a move, the same as Alexander, to prove that he’s worth it.

In the end, “The Audition” is more than just a psychological drama that unfolds inside and outside of Anna’s family. It’s a hunt for perfection, a battle for attention, and more importantly, to show the beauty of art that, as you know, is limitless. That alone is interesting enough to see Ina Weisse’s piece, which won’t disappoint you.

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