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Film Review: “Greener Grass” (2019) ★★★

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Due to the nature of my job, I see a variety of films from all over the world comprising of different subject matters, genres, and cultures. However, not even a single one can be compared to what I have seen in Jocelyn DeBoer and Dawn Luebbe’s “Greener Grass”. Honestly speaking, from start to end, it’s absolutely weird, peculiar, and funny. In short, I had to look for my jaw after the movie as it had dropped right at the beginning, giving me no chance to pick it up.

Have you ever had to give up your child just because your friend found him or her cute? Did you, by accident, had to kiss your friend’s husband just because you got confused after he held your child in his hand? How about switching filtered water with the pool one just because it tastes better? Or having children yelling in such a way as if the adults were kids and kids were adults? All these and many other strangely funny things unfold in “Greener Grass” which, trust me on that, will take some time to process.

The film begins with Jill and Lisa, two best friends watching their children along with others, a soccer game. Jill proudly holds her newly born infant, a baby with unreal cuteness. When Lisa tells the same to Jill, what happens next is unthinkable and shocking, but fits well into the environment you find yourself in. Jill gives away her child to Lisa as if it was a thing. Later on, when she discusses with her husband Nick, she asks him whether he is upset about the child that they no longer have. Nick, instead of expressing his displeasure or anger over losing his child to his wife’s friend, says the following, “That’s alright but please, next time discuss it with me first.”

That exchange was enough to send anyone into stupor. But make no mistake, “Greener Grass” is all about that. Whether it was the restaurant scene or the child turning into a dog, the school scene, and many others, it delivers a delightful atmosphere of bizarreness with full of cheerful moments you will find hard to forget. Overall, written and directed by Jocelyn DeBoer and Dawn Luebbe, both portraying the roles of Jill and Lisa respectively, create one of the funniest films of year that cannot be missed. Every line, scene, and even the performances are memorable. However, what you will want to know is what really happened behind the scenes. Because, to be frank, there is no way to remain serious whether you act or direct a film such as “Greener Grass.”

In the end, “Greener Grass” is one of the most deserving indie films that should not have a hard time with the audience. It is a well-executed comedy that revolves around particular people who are not even aware of their own state of mind or how ridiculous they are. But through the ridiculousness of their beings, they are genuine, real and honest. And that’s what we sometimes need from films like this. It does not load you with unnecessary information and serves more like a tranquilizer sometimes we need after a long day.

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