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Film Review: “Gemini Man” (2019) ★★★


The Oscar-winning director, Ang Lee, who brought to us films like “Life of Pi”, “Brokeback Mountain”, “Hulk” and “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, is a phenomenal director by all means. Therefore, his new project called “Gemini Man”, which is rather an experimental piece of art, was crucial for me to watch. Not because of its impressive cast nor storytelling, but how Lee will play with the material that is literally doomed to be criticized negatively whether it succeeds or not. That challenge alone is good enough to be taken into consideration and review it despite anything, as a revolutionary step that’s yet to be improved.

Taking 20 years to develop, “Gemini Man” follows Henry Bogan (Will Smith), an excellent but aging government assassin whose bullet can reach any target. However, this time, he becomes the target of an assassin much faster than him – his own clone but a younger version. As he begins to battle with Junior, the man learns about the conspiracy plotted against him and why the people he used to work for are now after him.

The film opens with Henry Bogan who’s sent on a mission to assassinate a terrorist whose name he does not know or the degree of crimes the man whose life he is about to take has committed. When he manages to take the man down while aboard a bullet train, Bogan begins questioning the nature of his job which eventually forces him to retire. While on retirement, he meets Danny Zakarweski (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), a boat rental manager who happens to be an agent as well. But when the killing starts, the man becomes a fugitive, happens to run away from a man who’s as good as him with the strong will to not stop until he accomplishes his mission – to take down Henry Bogan.

“Gemini Man” is not as bad as ratings suggest. Indeed, it has some gaps in the story but so do many others. But as a whole, it is quite entertaining, engaging, and somewhat intriguing. For instance, having a cast comprising of Will Smith, Clive Owen, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Benedict Wong may not be a good reason for some of you to watch. But what Ang Lee does is quietly and cleverly remove the existence of actors alone and get them into the role they portray, which was good enough to admire.

As for Will Smith’s CGI version, it never felt dull or uninspiring. In fact, there were plenty of emotions, conflicts and fighting scenes between the older and younger Smith that you may enjoy. As for the technical aspects of “Gemini Man”, Ang Lee is a master of using the filmmaking tool. He is not a director who suddenly forgot how to make a film. He is just one who is not afraid to use technology and play with it as if it was a toy. So do not worry about what critics say about Lee’s film. Just watch it and be the one to rate it good or bad. Whatever you do, own it, so that we all could follow your example, my dear reader.

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