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Sundance 2020 Review: “I Will End Up In Jail” (2019) ★★★


There are a few checks one needs to make before getting into a car – one shouldn’t have been drinking, feeling tired, be sick, or mad. Those are the elements that can bring uninvited disaster into any family that can leave them devastated for the rest of their lives. Maureen from “I’ll End Up In Jail” gets a definite answer to what happens when you let your emotions flow on the road when there’s nothing but blind anger that takes over her soul.

“I’ll End Up In Jail” (original title “Je finirai en prison”) follows Maureen (Martine Francke), who normally stays at home. As she deals with her son (Joseph Delorey) with an uncontrolled temper who hit a little dog with his car the other night, the woman thinks it was the only blow of the day she will have to process through. However, during an emotional breakdown, she hits a car right in front of her and things start going south. Due to the mishap, the woman is left with a victim, Jelly (Émile Schneider), who, same as Maureen, does not want to take any blame for this car accident. However, as the events unfold, nothing seems so simple neither for Jelly nor Maureen who must now put aside their differences and solve their problem for good.

Written and directed by Alexandre Dostie, this short film offers a fascinating twist towards the end which, literally as you watch it, there is no way to predict it. Thankfully, due to the solid performances delivered by Émile Schneider and Martine Francke, the suspense in this intriguing short film is kept alive until we get our closure. As we watch Maureen, the main protagonist, how she kept repeating from the beginning, “day by day, in every way, I’m getting better and better”, we will realize in the end how the point she was making was not only specific to her but of every other individual who has to fight their own demons.

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