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Fantasia 2020: “The Climate of the Hunter”


Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Horror flicks of any kind normally promise a satisfactory premise. But that does not mean what has been offered can always have a solid solution. Although there are two sides of every coin, when it comes to the cinematic universe, it can create more than that.

Films like “The Climate of the Hunter” do not necessarily have a good eye for storytelling. But what they have is exquisitely written lines that figuratively erase all the negative sides of the film which, I must admit, is all over. Despite that, the film creates an atmosphere of wanting more, however, it’s not the eyes but the ears that will be left satisfied throughout.

The film follows two sisters, Alma and Elisabeth, who literally go head to head to secure the affection of a man with a silver tongue. However, he has an agenda that leaves one of the sisters in doubt of his true intentions. However, as the story unfolds and the man continues taking over the minds of the two women, the only thing that leaves the room is sanity, leaving plenty of room for madness to conquer the weird situation.

Screenplay written by Mickey Reece and John Selvidge and directed by Mickey Reece himself, “The Climate of the Hunter” gives the best lines to Ben Hall, a man with an intelligent mind and an enviable charisma who leaves two women in vain for him. All that, of course, keeps the film engaging but not worthy of liking it as much to want to watch it again.

Even though you may predict the direction the film eventually heads toward, Reece’s film does not shy away from being transparent and an easy going horror film that is friendly enough to not scare you to death, despite the title of it, and promises to have the real climate of a hunter who was actually nowhere to be found in the film at any point of time.

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