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Common Locations in Popular Movies

scene from Casino Royale
Peter Sellers (seated, centre left) and Ursula Andress (standing, in white dress) in Casino Royale (1967).
© 1967 Columbia Pictures Corporation

Common Locations in Popular Movies

We all know how important the setting of a movie is. Everything from the colors to the arrangement of the set can be used to telegraph particular feelings that make the viewing experience all the more immersive. That being said, there some locations and settings that have appeared in tons of movies throughout history and in recent years. Of course, there’s a reason why these particular settings make it into blockbusters so often. If you’re interested in what these locations are, here’s a list of the most popular ones.


Nothing says luxury like the flashing lights, high-energy atmosphere, and the air of elegance that encompasses casinos. We can see casinos make an appearance throughout many popular movies, often used to showcase the high-status of the characters in the film, or their intent to let loose and have fun. These places are always a blast, but the casinos you see in movies may be above the typical person’s budget. If you want to try your hand at playing some fun casino games, you can sign up at this website and give the much more accessible alternative of online casinos a try.


While it might sound a bit strange, fountains in movies are often used to signal love and joy. A lot of this is because we tend to connect fountains to the notion of wishes coming true, which is why you can see the characters of many romantic comedies have their first kiss in front of one. Another common trope that revolves around fountains is the growth of friendships and show of support. One of the best examples of this comes from the insanely popular 90’s sitcom Friends. While it might not be a part of the episodes themselves, the opening theme has the cast dancing in front of one.

Busy Streets

Here’s one that we’re bombarded with all the time. While this is a very common feature in shows that take place in New York, the busy streets of many major cities around the world are front-and-center in some of our favorite movies. This is most often done for two reasons. The first one is to symbolize the freedom that comes with living in a big city. It’s a way to show off the endless opportunities that await our heroes, and the chance to be anything they want. The second reason is gloomier, signaling that our heroes are overwhelmed by all the noise and need a break.


The glum setting of hospitals has made an appearance throughout a lot of popular movies and TV series. One of the most notable instances is Grey’s Anatomy, and if you’re a fan of the show, here’s a list of others like it to check out. Surprisingly enough, hospitals are used to signal a lot of things. Most commonly, they’re used to give the viewer a feeling of anxiety, but they can often signal happy emotions as well. The one we like the most is the feeling of hope they can sometimes bring that everything’s going to be alright.

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