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TIFF 2020: “Mr. Jones”


Rating: 3 out of 5.

For politicians and in politics, the truth has never mattered. Not because most of them are a bunch of the lying hypocrites but because it’s a part of their job. And if someone presents facts, it will be axed, destroyed, and forgotten forever.

“Mr. Jones” (James Norton) follows its titular character, Gareth Jones, an ambitious young journalist who once managed to interview Hitler, but is not determined to have Stalin added to the list. But when he travels to the Soviet Union, he finds the harsh reality of Stalin greatness, the killings of his own people, and presenting the world a false path towards modernity. But when Jones prepares all the necessary materials, it becomes a huge predicament for many thinking whether to publish it and have British engineers killed, or save million of lives instead?

Screenplay from Andrea Chalupa and directed by the Academy Award nominee Agnieszka Holland, “Mr. Jones” is an astounding and well-written biopic. When Jones arrives in the Soviet, he meets the Pulitzer winner, Walter Duranty (Peter Sarsgaard), the man who is supposed to help him. Having no help from others, he begins his investigation risking his own life to understand where the wealth and money came from in a country that was, in reality, broke.

Supported by an impressive cast such as the brilliant Vanessa Kirby and Kenneth Cranham, filled with perfect photography and cinematography, the film captures the Soviet as a graveyard, which it really was. And that is something not every film is able to sense and deliver it.

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