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TIFF 2020: “The Best Is Yet to Come”


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Cinematic Universe is an excellent gateway to the world full of wonder. We learn about stories that touch our heart, our soul and sometimes even make us better human beings. Also, it tells about events that occur in real life which we, outside of certain countries, wouldn’t know otherwise.

Set in 2003, in the aftermath of SARS when people in China are struggling to find a job. Because of safety fears, employers get an extended health check done of their prospective employees before hiring them. Despite candidates being smart enough and capable enough to fulfill the job requirements, he or she won’t be hired if the medical check fails. A young man named Han Dong, with no college education, has an aspiration to become a reporter. When one of the journalists in Jingcheng daily reads Han’s essay, he gives him two months of internship to prove himself, not realizing that Han Dong will be one his best investigative journalists who will reveal to the world 100 million rejected cases based on discrimination and health issues concerning Hepatitis B.

The film starts with a card on the screen saying, “Everything that happens in this world is somehow connected with us…” It will lead the film’s narrative, telling an incredibly inspiring and sad story at the same time. When we meet Han Dong first, he is unemployed but unable to find a job because of the lack of a college degree. When he asks an agency to read his essay, they refuse to do so. But when a well-known journalist (Zhang Zongwen) reads it, he immediately hires him. Despite being an intern, he allows him to pursue his new story. When Han learns about forged Hepatitis B test results to get jobs, he begins digging deep into it which will eventually lead to the complete ban of the Hepatitis B testing as a prerequisite for employer and education.

Films like “The Best Is Yet to Come” reminds us that we live in such a wonderful world that has kind and determined individuals like Han Dong, who are willing to risk their life and well-paid job in order to fight for the truth. He has a morality and dignity that he won’t betray. This is why watching Jing Wang’s film helps to be better, and perhaps, inspires to rise to become the next Hand Dong – if we wish to.

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