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‘Red Ladies or Help! My Mom is a Republican’: LAAPFF 2020 Review


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

It must be difficult to live in a family that has both Republican and Democrat supporters. I am genuinely surprised that there is no bigger conflict appearing in the news, especially after the tremulous four years of Donald Trump in the White House. It’s amazing that, somehow, such a family has not ripped itself apart after the long nights of fighting over the decision made during the 2016 election that brought all of us to this level of despair.

“Red Ladies or Help! My Mom is a Republican” is a hilarious short that follows Olivia, a true Blue and her attempt to stop her mom from becoming the first female Asian-American Republican assemblywoman, but ends up agreeing to be a part of her political ad. As they begin filming, the young woman will ask many valid questions such as immigration and the children held in a cage that’s met with scepticism by her mother, who claims that all immigrants must come into the country in the same way she once did.

From writer/director Parida Tango, the film explores the hypocrisy and the stark differences between the blue and the red ideology. While one is progressive and open, another one is just plain one-sided that would do anything to sell information that will be accepted by some as a fact. For instance, the dialogue between the mother and daughter, as they discuss illegal immigration, is eye-popping. Sometimes, I think, it would’ve appeared very funny if it weren’t so sad. But it is all that we need right now to see right before the election to understand the blue and red priorities and how it will play out.

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