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Sundance 2021: “Knocking”


Rating: 4 out of 5.
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Mental illness is one of the biggest problems in our society; often people suffering from it are left alone, mistreated, judged and ignored. And when they say something, nobody is going to believe them. And why is that? Because they have a history or is it that mentally stable people think it’s just a seed of someone’s wild but unrealistic imagination?

Molly is just released from mental ward. She is sent to live alone. She is prescribed to continue taking her medicines. It seems all is going well until she starts hearing knocking on her ceiling. She does not know from which apartment the sound comes from. Whenever she knocks on her neighbors, nobody seems to hear the sound she claims she hears. It might just be Morse, or the sound comes straight from her head. As she will doubt herself, you will too, in this tense psychological thriller that explores mental illness and those who suffer from it.

Based on Johan Theorin’s novel, scripted by Emma Brostrom and directed by Frida Kempff, “Knocking” introduces us to a troubled Molly, brilliantly captured by Cecilia Milocco, who after a past traumatic event is left mentally disturbed. After getting released back into society, she must navigate through it while facing all the noises coming from her ceiling, indifferent neighbors, and the police that won’t take her seriously due to her record. Molly is determined to find the truth no matter what. But will she find it? Can she survive her own madness to fight against the insane world is a question you will keep asking yourself until it’s over.

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