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Sundance 2021: “Son of Monarchs”


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

As children, we were all fascinated with something that either stayed as it was or materialized into something productive. Dreaming was the only tool of entertainment as a child. But once we become an adult, only then do we understand the value of the past, the life and the things we have learned, to move forward.

Mendel (Tenoch Huerta), as a child, had a philosophical mind. He always wanted to know about life, the possibility of life after death and so on. He was also fascinated by monarch butterflies. After growing up and living in New York, as a scientist who studies butterflies, he must return back to Mexico due to the passing of his grandma, who helped him deepen his love for butterflies.

“Son of Monarchs” is a film that’s made for an intellectual audience. Writer/director and biologist Alexis Gambis writers a character who perfectly matches the need of the filmmaker. A character who meets all the necessary pre-requisites to turn Mendel into an authentic and raw character who not just lives his dream, but lives within it as it becomes reality. Mendel, however, must look upon his elderly brother and resolve his personal issues with him to resolve all the tensions he had in the past.

“Son of Monarchs” is a love story about and for butterflies. Mendel’s research and dedication towards them make the man curious about life and death and what happens if a human and a butterfly become one. But he must also find himself, his true nature and realize what to do with the feelings he discovered and how to move on going forward.

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