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Slamdance 2021: “Inside the Storm”


Rating: 3 out of 5.

Break-ups do happen. But what do we normally do to get over it? Some may get drunk while others may get into a fight. Someone else may take it easy. “Inside the Storm” offers another alternative, rather a stormy one.

Written/directed by Daniel Bloom, the film follows Nadav, a young man who just broke up with his girlfriend, Neta. ”I love you. I love you, Neta,” he tells her on the phone, not sure if she heard him. Alone and upset, he decides to pay a visit to a friend he hasn’t seen for a while. A night that’s supposed to be soothing and calming Nadav down takes a different and rather surprising turn.

There’s a lot we can tell about a character such us Nadav. We don’t have to know much about his relationship with Neta, but after a passionate encounter with his male friend, Amit, after breaking up, it tells us why Nadav is so upset. It is an upsetting story of a man who can’t reveal himself to the fullest and must remain in the closet. Amit and Nadav’s dynamic is provocative but solidly delivered by Ben-Oved Berkovich and Harel Glazer. It will leave a long-lasting impact on you as performers who can go far and beyond to capture two souls, their affection for each other and their way to hand help when one desperately needed it.

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