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SXSW 2021: “How It Ends”

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Rating: 3 out of 5.

It’s fascinating that, in spite of COVID-19, the world still manages to move on. People continue living their own way, even during a lockdown. Songwriters continue writing their songs, writers keep writing, and filmmakers look for new ways to create entertainment for us. It will take time for a majestic film to come up that must be able to tell the story of the world within two hours. Until that happens, films like “How It Ends” will keep coming in small ways, to make a big difference.

Shot during COVID time, “How it Ends” follows Liza (Zoe Lister-Jones, who co-wrote and directed with Daryl Wein) and her younger self (Cailee Spaeny), as they prepare for the scheduled asteroid that’s about to wipe out the population. Before that happens, they plan to attend a party that celebrates the last day of earth. However, on their way to the event, they encounter their neighbors, ex-boyfriends, family members or just random people in a very humoristic way.

Set in LA’s empty streets, thanks to COVID, it’s an excellent background for the film that shows the loneliness of the city when it has literally no one outside. Some scenes are carefully shot, as actors keep social distance, while some of them are not that much (for obvious reasons). With an all-star cast, including the great Helen Hunt, Olivia Wilde, Nick Kroll and more, the film sets the stage for a big night. It teaches an important lesson trough its lead characters – it’s good to have a younger soul as an adult but there should be the right combination so that the child stuck inside of us doesn’t prevent us from getting mature, independent and fearless.

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