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SXSW 2021: “The Other Morgan”


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Most people are not satisfied with their life. It’s either less or never enough to feel complete happiness. Maybe it’s just human nature, the wish to reach for the stars.

Morgan Yardley’s job as an exterminator is like a dream come true. She is the definition of living life to the fullest. That’s what she thought until she runs into her high school friend, Brandi, who became a well-known celebrity. If that wasn’t enough for her to think about how much she accomplished in her life, the phone call she receives stuns her, with news that will shatter her world to the level she’s yet to grasp its impact.

Written, directed and starred by Alison Rich as an exterminator, the film gives a deep look into the life of an individual who, under the heavy weight of the news, must rethink her life, values and what steps she needs to take next. “The Other Morgan” is a clever comedy that provides food for thought. A bit philosophical, it teaches the importance of not underestimating our life because what is seen as a failure for us can be a big success for others.

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